Instagram Poet Liz Newman Love Quotes

25 Stunning Poems By Liz Newman Inspire You To Love With Everything You Have

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Photo: Instagram: liz_newman_writer

Instagram Poet Liz Newman Love Quotes

You never realize how important your home is to you until you’ve grown up and gone on to bigger and better things. You might not even leave your hometown, but when looking back on all the work you’ve accomplished, it’s easy to realize that where you grew up made at least a small impact — whether it was a positive experience or a negative one.

For writer and Instagram poet Liz Newman, this is definitely true.

Growing up in a small town in Ohio might not seem like a big influence, but for her, home is important to who she is. And while she may not write about the Buckeye State, it’s still a part of her identity that she isn’t going to let go of any time soon.

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Liz has always been drawn to words — be it poetry, song lyrics, or poems — and because of her love of words, she was able to fuel her passion for writing through places like her Instagram, Facebook, and now through her newly released book, Hope Between Heartbeats.

It also helped that she loved writing short stories and poems of her own when she was younger, which, as someone who started her own writing career later in life, I find inspiring in itself.

Just like home, the things you see and write and do every day can really have an impact on your future, whether you know it yet or not.

And Liz is the perfect example of that.

Reading (naturally) helped her fall in love with writing and words too, which would in turn be the start of a long-lived love affair. And as any writer knows, love affairs with words are so much more satisfying than love affairs with people (well, sometimes).

My point is, I feel like I understand where Liz is coming from; words are beautiful and inspiring and, like love affairs, they can pull you in and hook you for a long time.

Since she started writing, Liz has wanted to connect with and comfort people through her words, just like she’s connected with and been comforted by others growing up — most notably the authors and musicians that inspired her to start writing in the first place.

Of course, like any writer, she still deals with challenges, and ones that I’m familiar with, too.

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The biggest challenge seems to be turning an introvert into someone unafraid of sharing. Sure, there’s a sense of privacy for writers at first, but you can’t hide behind your words forever.

But Liz isn’t a quitter just because she isn’t a huge fan of putting herself out there. For her, every day is an exercise in pushing the limits of her comfort zone.

In fact, it’s turned into a way for her to bond and network with a talented writing community — and even broaden her horizons.

Liz finds most of her inspiration from the world around her.

And to write about the world, you need to get your hands dirty and experience it; heartache and emotional challenges and all (something Liz is no stranger to).

But even when it hurts, life is very inspiring. She’s also inspired by those in her life – especially when she sees them fighting for their dreams.

It helps keep her focused on her own dreams and never give up. Her poetry is powerful.

It’s all about protecting your heart, not being sorry for loving hard, and remembering to save some love for yourself along the way.

Most importantly, it’s about feeding your soul with positivity and happiness, and always anticipating all the love that is to come in the future. When you read Liz’s poems, you realize that love never stops and neither does she.

Look below for 25 of our favorite poems and best love quotes found on her Instagram.

1. On remembering that you’re worth the fight, too.

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“You don’t have to stop fighting for others. You just have to remember to fight for yourself, too.”Liz Newman

2. On letting your heart heal on its own time.

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“Your heart has always been willing to bleed, to ache, to humble itself for love, and when you’ve had enough, your heart will be the last to let go.” — Liz Newman

3. On making an impression on the universe.

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“What a way to be remembered, what a legacy to behold, if you and I became stars, created our very own constellation in the night sky. To glimmer and astound, to illuminate the Earth, long after we are gone, with our love story spelled out in star dust. Burning brightly together, until we slowly fade out into the universe, you and me, and the galaxy.” — Liz Newman

4. On never underestimating your power.

4 - 25 Stunning Poems By Liz Newman Inspire You To Love With Everything You Have

“You have the power to overcome. You have the power to persist. You have the