Blind Judges

They won’t stop mocking you, friend.

Because they see not the glorious end.

Situations working for good has blinded them.

Don’t turn. Keep moving.

Jesus, the reason for a good decision.

The wise man to probe, invite Him. Our strength.

The antidote to hopelessness today.

Capable, Dependable. The owner of hay.

Connect to Him your dreams, visions, aspirations.

He can, with compassion, fuel your passions into victory.

And sit you in the ‘london’ of resting victors.

Remember, He conquered the dirty grave.

And gave countless helpless men reasons to launch their praise.

Am included.

You are no exception. You deserve no exemption… because

You are a beloved son

Last year… tears… but crawling moments are here.

You, surely, shall phrase your own praise.

Heaven has reasons for you to announce your saving grace.

Amazing Grace. Answers to questions. He’s risen.

The why behind our passions – the babies of His love.

Like Him, our heavy pains, surely, shall slowly explode heavier gains.

Glory. Hallelujah!!

One has a burden. Another is barren.

Blind Judges are condemning. It’s killing.

But know, Jesus was, before ‘Adam in the garden’.

Why aren’t we knowing? Cast your burdens.

He’s calling, Be still… Hear.

You won’t want to fear and worry with aimless bottles of beer…

Because… your Living Helper is here.

Able to answer your thirst. Cheers!

He’s closer and nearer than….. that ugly friend, Fear…

Let Him hunt you… ignore their judgments.

And let praise be your assignment…