shayarisms4lovers mar18 02 - Wo Kisi aur se pyar karti hai – Ranjan

Wo Kisi aur se pyar karti hai – Ranjan

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Hi..frn mera naam ranjan hai me meri dard bhari story aapko sunane jaraha hun baat us wakt k thi jab me 7th cls me padhraha tha,me cls me bahat badmas type k ladka tha hamesa kisi na kisi baat par jhagda karna to mera aadat hogeya tha, isbich ek ladki mere cls me admisn li uska naam kaveri thi,wo dikhne me bahat sundar thi,1st jab me dekha mujhe kuch feel hua to me itna dhyan nahin diya,wo hamesa mere upar gussa karrahi thi kyun k me bdmas tha isliye,me pata lagaya k wo ladki hamari gaaon me uski uncle k ghar me rehne k liye aayi hai aur usko 10 tak hamari gaaon me rehkar padhni hai to iss mauj masti me ek saal gujar geya.

Ek din wo hamari ghar aayi me akela tha wo boli mujhe note chahiye,mene note de di aur mene kaha kya tum mere saath frndsp karoge wo hasi aur bola ok ek sart tum cls me kavi kisiko daato ge nahin jhagda ni karoge etc. Mene kaha thik hai,kya batao frnd usdin se mera life change hogeya,mera kamina frnds hamisa bolrahe the yaar achanak ye saleko jo jentleman bangeya, mein cls me chup chap bethta tha na kisise jhagda kuch nahin wo bahat khus hogeyi aur boli tum meri bahat achhi frnd ho me bahat khus tha aur iss bich 9th cls suru hogeya mere kuch alag si filings mehsus karne lagd sayad wo pyar ka pehla mehsus tha,mujhe to kuch samjh me ni aaraha tha k sach me mujhe v pyar hogeya kya saya han mujhe unse pyar hogeya tha, me uske sath bahat masti karaha tha apni sari problem usko bolta tha ,ek din uske uncle k ghar geya uski uncle mera jana pehchana tha wo boli tum dono yahan padhai karo me market jarahun usdin mera spl din us din me bahat tired tha to mene kaha tum padho me soraha hun me sogeya.

Aur jab me aankh khuli dekha k wo mere sarko apni hath se tham rahi thi me ye sab dekhkar heran hogeya ye kya karraha hai mene kuchnahin bola aise hi din mahina aur sal v gujar geya mene usko bol v nahin me use pyar karta hun, to aageya 10th k metric exam k liye kuch jyada padhai hui aur uske saath milna kam hogeya wo v padhne me dhyan di to time aageyi judai ki …

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shayarisms4lovers June18 292 - Love is Life and Life is Love ? – Sudeep

Love is Life and Life is Love ? – Sudeep

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Hello frendz,good morng.I HOPE THAT U WILL WELL.Mera naam sudeep h.Mai patna bihar ka hu.waisai to mera home mai avi patna rehta hu. Nw i am going to tell u my love this love story ? I also dn’t knw bt i hope that u will give ans.lastly what is this. Yai story aaj sai kuch din pehali ki baat h.mai apne frend k sath pipal k pedh k nichai carrom board khel raha tha.mai apnai game mai busy tha.yai simple din ki tarh kyo ki frend jaha mai rehta hu waha avi bahut garmi padh rahi h. So hum sab waha khel rehai thai.time sayad 12:45 ho raha ka last end ho raha that kyoki mere savi dost only two ko leave kar baki sab yani mai or akash quit kar chuka tha.or amit or avinash avi v khel raha tha.

isi bich mai dekha ki ek ladki aa rahi h jo black clour ka salwar $ suit pahnai hui thi.or wo apna face dakhi hui thi. Mai apne dost sai yani ki akash sai kaha.akash wo dekh ek ladki aa rahi h.badi mast lag rehi h. Akash bola kya sudeep tumhe har ladki mast hi nazar aati h. Mai bola yr jo mast lagegi usai or kya kahunga.kher chor mai tumhe kehna chata hu ki wo ladki oro sai alag nazar aa rehi h.isi bich wo ladki hamere pass ayi kyo ki us time yani aftrn mai koi or log nahi thai sirf hum sab ko chod kar.wo aate hi pucha ki esxcuse me. Kya aap is addres ko jante h.itna sunte hi mere dono dost yani ki amit or avinash ladki ko dekhnai lage.fir mai bola.aap dikhai janta hounga to bata dunga.usnai wo addres dikhyi.or mai bola yes i knw that this addrs.after that i told her way how she reach destination.she said – thanku.i said-welcme it’s my pleasure.

fir wo apna way ja rahi thi or hum dosto tab tak dekhtai rehai jab tak wo turn nahi hui.fir us time tak game v end ho gaya tha.or amit winner ho gaya tha.fir hum sab apne home aa gayai waha par khana kahya or kuch der rest kar k tution k liyai chala gaya. lekin tution mai mera man nahi lag raha tha. Mujai pata nahi wo hamesha nazar aane lagi.jab v mai koi work karta.fir hum tution sai ghar ayai or apne dosto …

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shayarisms4lovers June18 278 - The Uncertainty

The Uncertainty

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Excerpt: Where the old relations were getting loosen enough, she was getting bonded with Ariyan more and more.

People say time changes people, or in reality, times can show us the real face or nature of people. Ipshita is very practical and can accept the changes in people with time. Time was changing, equations of her life were also changing with the change of time. Raj and she met rarely nowadays. Raj is very happy and excited to start his new life where there is no more fear of losing Ipshita.

Anisha and Meenakshi were also about to finish their graduate studies and only 3-4 months are remaining of their togetherness. Though like all others Ipshita and her soul sisters were promising to be together forever. Somehow Ipshita knew there was a change between Anisha and Meenakshi’s connection which will make the bonding loose and may be faded away.

Raj already has gone mentally before his actual farewell from the city, now he doesn’t call or message frequently. Ipshita is still trying to be well connected to Raj, but Raj seems quite destructed and pulled away from her. She was not happy about this matter she started feeling lonely even in the crowd. Sometimes she feels less connected to Anisha and Meenakshi also nowadays. She is trying her best to keep her stable and to keep everyone together. She knows everything going to change soon drastically. Her friends her comfort zone is at the edge of their bonding.

Where the old relations were getting loosen enough, she was getting bonded with Ariyan more and more. All her loneliness and wishes were getting fulfilled by Ariyan. Ariyan started knowing her little better than before. He is getting attached to her day by day, this bonding was amazing platonic connections, which can only be felt. They like each other’s company they keep talking for hours after office.

She felt tremendous happiness but fear inside if she has to give up on this closeness also means. Where she will go, who will listen to her and give her a safe hand to ride throughout her path. 2 more months remained and after this, she doesn’t know who will be there with her Raj or Ariyan??

“The present is the best present you can give to anyone”, Ipshita uttered to Ariyan.

She was lost about the future thought of losing Ariyan forever. After the

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shayarisms4lovers June18 288 - Back to start

Back to start

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Excerpt: The story has just begun and now I know if it is not love then it also not friendship. May be in between some where.

I never thought in my whole teenage life that I would ever experience that thing ,the thing which people at my age call love. I always felt that teenage people can get attracted to a person but love is big word. I mean although it is a four letter word but the hindi cinema and society makes it a big deal . Well it was not that big , I mean you never invite Love, you feel it.

After my school life , I was left with one year to find my passion and study for entrance exam . Studying all day made me bored so I used to go to this park side near my house . As I was literally in my last teenage years so I was willing to explore all new stuff .

One day I saw this guy looking at me from far away , I thought may be he wanted to say something . But he went away . Next day on my way to park in the morning , I heard the sound of cycle behind me . It was strange because normally people come by foot . So I turned my head and saw this guy with the uniform of some college I guess with wet hair and a bag on back . He started cycling with my speed and asked me my name and as kind of formality I asked his. He actually wanted my physics copy for notes as he heard from some people that I was preparing and so was he for the entrance exam.

Well when a guy with a cute smile asks you that or want something how can you say no. In the evening I gave him my copy and with that my heart . Now every morning was a happy morning for me as I used to see him . For the first time I was so open to a boy who was just my friend. For the next six months we met in the roads , in parks , in coaching classes but never shared phone number .

He was a gentle man , when in winter the morning used to be a little dark he used to

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shayarisms4lovers June18 239 - The Power of Destiny!

The Power of Destiny!

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As I walked home on a hot scorching day in Delhi, I stumbled on a wallet that someone had dropped accidentally in the street. Immediately I bent down; picked it up; opened it; and looked inside to find some sort of identification which would help me trace its owner. But the wallet contained only 3-one rupee notes and a crumpled letter that appeared to have been there for several years.

The envelope was tattered and all that was legible was the return address. I opened the letter hoping to find some clue of the receiver and the sender. The date on which the letter was written was marked as 13.12. 1957- Yes it was written about 60 years ago.

The beautiful hand writing appeared to be that of a lady and it was written on a pink stationary paper with a small flower on the right-hand corner. It read ‘Dearest Anurag’ that told the recipient that  the writer was not in a position to see him any more as her mother was totally against their love affair and forbade her from meeting him anymore. .  She continued to write that her love for him was eternal and hence wrote this letter without the knowledge of her mother. It bore the signature of the letter as Preeti.

It was a lovely letter, but other than the name Preeti there was no other way by which the owner could be identified. Probably if I could contact the telephone operator in the Telephone exchange, that person may be able to help me with the phone listing of the return address, if the address is still traceable after 60 long years!  It was just a chance, which I was taking!  

I dialled the telephone exchange and on hearing a lady’s voice, “Madam, Good morning! I have a very unusual request and hope you will be able to help me with it.”.

“Yes Good morning, go ahead please”.  

I began, “I am trying to locate the owner of a wallet which I found on the roadside. Would you be able to tell me whether there is a telephone number for the address that is written on the envelope?”She urged me to speak to her boss who would be in a better position to help me out on this matter, who, after a minute’s hesitation, ‘Well, we do have a phone listing at the address specified …

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shayarisms4lovers June18 280 - The lovers point || me mila pyar 💖 – Vaishnavi Singh

The lovers point || me mila pyar 💖 – Vaishnavi Singh

Yaar hamesha yeh site par dukh bhari kahaniya aati hain toh qna meri rangeen mohabbat ko pesh kardu mujhe laga ki sab log sad wali story hi padte hain. Isliye aaj main khud apni kahani derahi hun .main khud ye THE LOVERS POINT
Ki ek shaqs hun mujhe bhi sabki tara cmt karna pasand tha…..

toh frnds aaj mai ap sabko apni love story batane ja rahi hu Jo iss site se hi start hui h…My name is vaishnavi my love name is Rohan jiska pura name sikander singh rohan h.. Ab story start karti hu.😊
Meri jab iss site pr entry hui toh mujhe iss site pr ek ladka nazar aaya jiske charje har tarf the har ladki ko usse pyar tha vo itna accha ki kya btau sabse pyar se BT karna sabki izzat karna nd kya bolu uske liye. Aur mai ek simple ladki jisko sirf story me interest tha aur 2 ya 3 frnd the jisee BT hoti thi but mai comment me sirf rohan ki shayri nd uske song padhne jati thi mujhe usse kab pyar hua pta hi ni chala aur kab mere dil ke karib aagya vo mn hi mn bas rohan rohan fir Maine iss hi site se apni jaan rohan ka no liya joki usko bhi nii pta tha ki uska no mere pass h aur fir Maine usko call ki but usne mujhse ye bol kar call cut ki papa ki call aa rahi h gussa toh mujhe bhut aaya but fir socha koi BT nii lekin fir Maine jab site pr rohan se bt karne ki koshish ki toh uska reply nii tab aur gussa aaya fir ro kar Maine umeed chord Di ki ab kabhi meri bt hogi ya kabhi mujhe uska pyar milega mere dimg me ek bt thi ki rohan mujhe pyar na bhi kare pr frndship hi karle kam se kam bt toh ho jayegi meri lekin kahan pta tha itni acchi kismat hogi meri…

Aur fir akhir vo din aa hi gya jab rohan ne mujhse bt ki itni happy thi uss din ki kya btau 8 Dec kitna special din h mere liye jis din meri aur rohan ki pure 1:30 ghante bt hui aur bas uss din pyar aur gehra hogya but Maine kabhi rohan ko nii btaya ki mujhe usse pyar h kuki mujhe dar tha ki agar rohan ko pta chala …

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shayarisms4lovers June18 248 - Khud Ko Khokar Tumhe Paya Part 1 – Sunny Yadav

Khud Ko Khokar Tumhe Paya Part 1 – Sunny Yadav

Ha mujhe yaad k ki wo mujhse junior thi 1 year naam ayesha height 5.3 aakhe black and baal jaise mujhe uljane k liye, Ladke Uske diwane  the hote bhi kyu na college me khubsurt koi tha to phli wo or dusri college ki diware mujhe yaad h kaisi wo sarfiri thi aap maan lo ki uske kisi baat ki parwah nhi thi beparwaah thi but mere case m wo bilkul alg thi pta nhi kyu but aisa he tha, mri mulakat  ush se freshers day par hui thk se yaad h mujhe white haa white colour ki dress pehni thi usne Or khubsurat lg bhi rhi thi kyuki wo thi he khubsurat hmari baate dekhkr logo ka laga hmare bich kuchh h….

But log galat the hmare bich bahot kuchh tha jo khas tha… Bus itna jaan lo jee bhar ke dekhne ka hak usne bus mujhe diya tha khas jo tha uske liye To freshers day pr wo paas aakr baith gyi or kehne lgi puri college mere pichhe h Or tm ho ki dekhte he nhi kya m itni buri hu… Mene kaha buri nhi bs swimming nhi aati Or dubna mai chahta nhi tmhari aankho m… Achha sach m Or usne apni julfe sawarate hue kaha koi nhi duboge bhi nhi or swimming sikhne ki bhi jarurat nhi h… Ha to ishi baat  to side rakh kr mene uske nail paints notice kiya or kaha tmhare hath kitne khubsurat h mere to chimpanzee jaise usne haste hue kaha nhi aisa bilkul nhi h…Usne btaya ki log kaise uske chehre k lye compliments dete aaye h but kisi ne nail paint k lye compliments nhi diya…

Tm bakio se alag ho mere liye or khas bhi.. Uski Tarif me kya kahu yaar sabki do aankhe he hoti h but uski aankho m mana ki sara jaha dikhta tha mujhe to mene thoda ruka Or bola plss tm ye julfe mt sawara kro mujhe ishq ka mariz bn ne ka shaukh nhi h Or ek compliments dete hue mene kaha bura na mano to kuchh kehna keh du… Usne kaha haa blo blo mene kaha aankhe tmhari pyari h to eye liner lgaya kro syd jbrjst lgo… Usne kaha kher mere pass to h nhi aisa kro tmhe mre lye le aana… Achha sa tmhare choice ka kyuki tmse best to m dhund nhi skti i mean eye
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मेरा कर्त्तव्य : घनश्यामदास जी बिड़ला का प्रेरक प्रसंग | Ghanshyamdas Birla Prerak Prasang

thequint%2F2018 06%2F7c0f8e00 5ff4 424f 923c 616d1218244c%2FGD Birla Mahatma Gandhi  Death Anniversary 2 - मेरा कर्त्तव्य : घनश्यामदास जी बिड़ला का प्रेरक प्रसंग | Ghanshyamdas Birla Prerak Prasang

Ghanshyamdas Birla Prerak Prasang: पद्म विभूषण से सम्मानित श्री घनश्यामदास जी बिड़ला भारत के अग्रणी औद्योगिक समूह बी.के.के.एम. बिड़ला के संस्थापक होने के साथ ही स्वाधीनता सेनानी भी थे. वे महात्मा गांधी के परम मित्र, परामर्शदाता और सहयोगी थे. यह प्रेरक प्रसंग उनके जीवन से जुड़ा हुआ है.

एक दिन की बात है. श्री घनश्यामदास जी बिड़ला (Ghanshyamdas Ji Birla) रोज़ की तरह कार से अपने ऑफिस जा रहे थे. वे कार की पिछली सीट पर बैठे हुए थे.

उस दिन ड्राईवर कार तीव्रगति से चला रहा था. उनकी कार जब एक तालाब के किनारे से गुज़री, तो वहाँ उपस्थित भीड़ के कारण कार की रफ़्तार धीमी करनी पड़ी.

श्री घनश्यामदास जी बिड़ला (Ghanshyamdas Ji Birla) ने भीड़ देखकर ड्राइवर से पूछा, “इतनी भीड़ कैसे जमा है यहाँ पर? कुछ हो रहा है क्या?”

“सर! लगता है कोई तालाब में डूब गया है.” ड्राइवर ने जवाब दिया.

ये सुनना था कि श्री घनश्यामदास जी बिड़ला ने तुरंत कार रुकवाई और झटके से कार उतर गए.

कार से उतरकर वे तालाब के पास पहुँचे. वहाँ उन्होंने देखा कि एक ८-९ वर्ष का बालक पानी में डूब रहा है. तालाब के आस-पास खड़ी भीड़ उसे बचाने के लिए चिल्ला रही है. लेकिन कोई उसे बचाने के लिए आगे नहीं बढ़ रहा हैं.

श्री घनश्यामदास जी बिड़ला ने कोट-पेंट और जूते पहने हुए ही तालाब में छलांग लगा दी. तैरकर उस बच्चे के पास पहुँचे और उसे बाहर निकाल ले आये.

वहाँ से वे बच्चे को लेकर सीधे अस्पताल पहुँचे. डॉक्टर ने बच्चे का प्रारंभिक उपचार करने के बाद उसकी जान ख़तरे से बाहर बताई. तब बिड़ला जी अपने ऑफिस गए. ऑफिस में उन्हें उस हालत में देखकर सारे कर्मचारी आश्चर्यचकित थे.

जब सबको पता चला कि बिड़ला जी ने एक बच्चे को डूबने से बचाया है, तो वे उनकी प्रशंषा करने लगे. बिड़ला जी ने उस प्रशंषा की ओर ध्यान न देकर बस इतना कहा, “ये तो मेरा कर्त्तव्य था.” और अपने केबिन की ओर बढ़ गए.

ऐसे थे श्री घनश्यामदास जी बिड़ला, जो मानवता और सेवाधर्म को अपना कर्त्तव्य मानते थे.…

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shayarisms4lovers mar18 21 - Love forever – Ateet ka Parinda – 1

Love forever – Ateet ka Parinda – 1

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वो शाम फ़िर तन्हा ना होना था…मगर तन्हाई बोलकर थोड़े ही आती है
जब याद आती है तब ही तन्हा होता हूँ और जब भी तन्हा होता हूँ वो ही याद आती है शाम के ५;३० बजे, नवंबर ११,२००८
ऐसा लगता है अब वो समझ चुकी है मेरे मन की बात….ना कुछ बोल रही है ना कुछ सुन रही है
ख़ामोशी अगर सब कुछ ना बयां करे नज़रें सब कुछ बोल देती हैं
चुप रहना काँटों की तरह चुभ रहा था, मगर बोल भी नहीं सका क्योंकि जुबान लड़खड़ा रहे थे
ना उसने कुछ कहा ना मैंने कुछ सुना, मगर दिल की आवाज़ सीधा दिल पे लगती है
आज ऐसा क्यों लग रहा था की सब कुछ झूठा था, प्यार तो झूठे थे ही जस्बात भी झूठे थे, आरजू झूठी थी तमन्ना झूठी थी
ना उसने समझा मेरे जूनून को, ना मैंने जाना उसके शुकुन को
घंटों निकल गए मगर दो बोल ना बोल सके हम, सिसकियाँ निकलती रही और हमें छोड़ गए सनम दोपहर ३ बजे….जुलाई १६,२०१६
कम्बख्त बारिश को भी अभी आना था….ना छाता ना छुपने की जगह….
एक तो पहले ही लेट हूँ ऊपर से बारिश
चलो थोड़ा दौड़कर ही सही, ये बस स्टॉप बचा लेगी मुझे अरे मैडम क्या कर रही हैं….संभल के! वो तो संभाल गयी मगर मैं नहीं संभाल सका खुद को….
सब कुछ निकल गया अतीत के पन्नों को टटोलकर बस एक घटके में
वो सहमी, देखा और फिर से सहम गयी….
मानो उसे करंट छूकर निकल गयी हो और फिर भी झटके हज़ार दे गयी हो नज़रें हैरान थी, निगाहें परेशान थी….दिल कह रहा था पूछ लूँ सब कुछ….
खैरियत से रुख़्साने तक….तन्हाईयों से फ़साने तक…. भरोसा नहीं हो रहा था ये वही है जिसके साथ जिंदगी साथ गुजरने की कसमें खायीं थीं…. ऐसा लग रहा था जैसे कल की ही बात हो…. नहीं राहुल तुम कभी पैसे की अहमियत नहीं समझ पाए….मुझे उधार की जिंदगी नहीं चाहिए
प्यार तो मैं तुम्हे खुद से भी ज्यादा करती हूँ मगर सिर्फ प्यार से जिंदगी नहीं चलती न
मैं तुम्हारे साथ जिंदगी गुजार सकती हूँ मगर तुम ही बताओ बिना पैसे के जिंदगी कैसी? मुझे पता है तुम मुझे खुश रखोगे मगर मुझे जिंदगी में और भी बहुत कुछ चाहिए राहुल….
एक ही जिंदगी है , मैं अभाव में नहीं बिताना चाहती…. दोपहर ३:१५ बजे….जुलाई १६,२०१६ मम्मा मैं आ गई…
अरे बेटा रुको, क्या कर रही हो, भींग जाओगी…..ऐसे नहीं बेटा!
मम्मा पप्पा कहाँ …

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Tring Tring: Its Love not attachment

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After relaxing holidays with my parents in Himachal Pradesh, I was back to the same routine.  The call rings “Tring Tring”   

I  could hear a soft spoken lady from the other side, who introduced herself as  Mrs. Dasgupta

“Hello Sukanya, I am Mrs. Dasgupta talking from Delhi, I got your contact details from We are looking for a prospective bride for my younger brother Naboneel”

I was neutral. No excitement.  This was quite normal for me. Since the past 12 months I had put my profile on, hoping to find my second life partner.

Every other day I received an alliance related call and it had become an integral part of my daily life. At the point of time, I jotted down a two-page documents regarding my  introduction and it had become byheart, A series of interrogate questions which were generally ask by the perspective alliance, I wanted to be overprepared after my disaster first innings but at this stage I byhearted with my introduction and confidently face the interrogate session.

I walked back home and started my preparation for cookie, which is generally my half time task. Cooking for me  is like stress relief therapy which I normally do after my college hour to relax from my  fully  packed schedule.

Since  it was my first  attempt  to bake cookies, I was bit confused and lost in the subtleties of the process of baking cookies.

As my hands neared the microwave, and I opened its door – came a sound from nowhere.

“Beep Beep”

The msg read  “Ami Naboneel bolchi, Apnar contact details didi tike pelam (Naboneel  speaking, I got your contact details from my elder sister)” I was really surprised!!  A man speaking with so much of respect, I was overwhelmed.

For a few moments Back to my previous phase of my life “Partha my ex-husband who never refer “tumi” to me always use “tui”. Never give respect to me nor to my parents first time ever  heard “Appni” from  man and that touched my heart.


Microwave time alert stop  “and I  smell the aroma of the cookies .

Time flies but memories continue to remain in our heart.

After completing my dinner, Its mother time (The only time where I talk heart to heart with my mother), I discussed my  entire day with her, she is the only woman in my life who listen …

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shayarisms4lovers June18 236 - The Unexpected

The Unexpected

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Ipshita, an ambitious girl who is looking for growth, betterment, and true love. She joined recently in a small developing company with a good package. She loves to give a challenge to every arena of her life and to get expertise in most possible areas. Until then her life was going well, she had a few good friends, a good job and a decent lifestyle, lovable and frank parents and most importantly a supportive younger brother. She was very popular among everyone always for her sense of humor and attractive personality. She was doing well in every aspect of her life but continued to expect her dream man and the love and future partner of her life.


It was her first day in the new office and she reported on time and started working on joining formalities. Post of this joining stuff she has been forwarded to her department, now its time for her to explore new people. She met her new team and boss, she met a few of her colleagues and co-workers also still a lot to continue. Her new office colleagues seemed to be quite open-minded and friendly to her, which matches her personality. Overall the first day went well apart from the fact that she might not remember her way home.

chat mania:

It is Saturday the first weekend of her new job. Ipshita doesn’t have any plans yet. Just like other weekends she wakes up a little late and continued to carry on with her weekend routines with friend cum roomies. Once she switched on the data pack apart from her routine good morning wishes, her mobile screen pops up with 6-7 messages from a new contact. It seems to be a senior from her new office, who stayed more nearest to her location. Unlikely the fact that she is a little bit reserved and doesn’t like to entertain unknown people much, she was very enthusiastic and happy to receive messages from him. That day up to evening Ipshita and her senior Ariyan chatted a lot. She started knowing him, but so surprised by the fact that how in that much short period he felt to share his stuff with her.

Its been 2 weeks already passed, she has been quite adjusted with her new office and the working environment. She made few friends too. She is happy about this new bonding, with her

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shayarisms4lovers June18 215 - Unanswered Questions

Unanswered Questions

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Rosa Magdalina looked straight into her reflection in the golden lit mirror in front of her, she placed some crimson lipstick on with more intensity than necessary, the drying pink roses in the vase next to her softened the drama a touch, but i’m sure even they felt the intensity in her demeanor. She turned and left into the softly lit streets of Paris. Clutching her purse, in which lay a train ticket, a love note of the boy who would never know where she left to, a photo of a little girl, her sister, who now would be a fine young lady, probably married with children. Although Rosa would never know.

Her heels make a soft clicking sound on the cobbled streets as she walks, it’s hauntingly quiet tonight, a tear stains her cheek. She clutches her purse tighter, turns down the street to the train station and never looks.


Andre awoke, the bed was cold, the room was quiet, a soft dampening, drowning panic hit when he saw a note in place of Rosa. He didn’t want to read it, he knew it would break his heart. That beautiful girl, with untold stories in her eyes, he knew she had left. 

He felt the signs yesterday, she hadn’t said anything to let on. But there was an urgency in the way she kissed him… like it was a goodbye. There was a sadness in the way she had looked at him. And a unsettledness about her as they lay in bed.. But he pushed that feeling away and fell asleep. Hoping he’d wake up and she would be normal, making pancakes in the kitchen, hot coffee already made…

But no. Nothing but empty silence.

He should have kissed her longer, told her how he loved her, held her in his arms and begged her to tell him her troubles..

But here he is; alone in the empty silence filled with unanswered questions.

He drank the half glass of red wine left on her nightstand. He sadly didn’t have the heart to convince himself that perhaps she’d return sometime… or ever. He knew all too well, a girl like Rosa, with so many untold stories in her eyes, wasn’t the type…

He places the note in a box of precious things. He’ll read it some other time, some time in the future when the love they had shared …

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shayarisms4lovers June18 296 - By my soul

By my soul

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Never did you tried nor did I

To express how I felt for you time to time

But if I find you now I might say these words to you

Do listen to me , for it is just for you

Times when I see you are the times that I miss

To feel like what I always wanted to feel

Your black shiny hair and blush on the top

Smile on your face and dimples by your cheeks

Shine on the face and six fingers on your wrist

Are the memories I have till I forget how to breathe

Loud are my feelings though it never reach to you

But it’s just mine and will rest by my soul

If you ever see this you will know who am I

The girl who always loved you and gave you shoulder when you cried

The story will live ,I may not

For the blink in your eyes

I could see no more

The thoughts you have

I can hear no more

Miles apart from me

what you left me for

Seasonal are flowers not my love

Even if you come after years

You will found me the same

They say the love travel distance

What if the destination is not known

They say it takes time

What if my watch is broke

Stories of love that i have heard before

Are they only tales

Or have any truth at all

Romeo and juliet never had a happy ending

In my case it never had a beginning

I met you in some place

I dont remember now

But the depth of your voice

Is like wow

It is a little different

How it is happening

For my love story

Isnt about the queen or the king

Neither it is the story of the princess

For their is no palace

All i see is mess

Time i spend with you

I will always cherish

Sweet as the berries

Long as a hour

But remember they also say

Love never fails

What ever be the depth

It always sails

Thinks about you sometime

Dont cry any more

Memories you gave

I dont want any more

Because love is not greed

It comes to you whenever you need

I might not be any more

But the love that I have will rest by soul


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shayarisms4lovers June18 79 - Uske wade kamjor nikle– Rajan meena

Uske wade kamjor nikle– Rajan meena

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Mera name rajan ha me dholpur bari ka rahne wala hu.mene abi 10 class ke exam diye ha .aaj me pahle baar apni love story apko batane ja raha hu .ye us time ki baat ha jab me pahle baar apne pyaar se mila uska name sajiya ha .or wo ak mushlman ha .or me ak hindu mene usse uski sundarta se pyaar nahi kiya .balki uski achai ko dekh kar usse pyaar kiya .uski ye achi aadat thi ki wo dusro ki help kiya karti thi .bale hi wo dost ho ya nahi .sab ki help karti thi .muje uski yahi aadat achi lagi .ham tushan par sath reading karte the .deere deere me usse pyaar karne laga .ak din mene usse i love you .kah diya .wo janti thi ki me use love karta hu .usne mujse i…l…y..2 kaha .fir kya me bari uske liye tushan jaldi jaya karta tha .wo bhi jaldi aa jaya karti thi .ham do no pass _ pass bedte .wo muje love letter diya karti thi me .me bhi uska reply kiya karta tha love letter de kar .me uske piche piche jaya karta tha .wo mujse kuch nahi kahti thi .kyu ki wo mujse pyaar kati thi .deere deere exam paas aa gai par mene exam ki teyari kar rakhi thi usne bhi kar rakhi thi .ham do no ke exam katam hue or fir ham do no fir se milne ka promise kiya .or marriage karne ka bhi .aaj bhi ham do no ak dusre bahut pyaar karte ha .. I love you sajiya ………..

Mere friends .apse ak request ha ki mere is love story ko ascribe karna na bule …ese … F.b,tweets,youtube par sear kar .plzzz friends.

Hy friends mera name rajan ha .me bari(dholpur) ka rahne wala hu … aj fir me apke samne apni kuch din pahle ki baate ( story) apko sunana chahta hu… par usse pahle meri pahle wali story pad lijiye ..kyuki ki ye us ladki ke bare me ha jiska zikar me apse pahle es story me kar chuka hu …
So friends start karte ha ye us 15/7/19 ki baat ha me uske bhai se kuch ke bahane se uske gar pahucha …kyuki wo ab padai nahi kar rahi thi … kyuki wo 10th class me 2 baar fail ho chuki thi ….

esliye uske gar walo ne uuse padane se enkar …

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Ye pyar nahi to Kya hai 2 – Raj

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Hi I am Raj ye Mera new story hai aasa katha hu apne Meri paheli  3 story padhi hogi.
Ye Meri ek friend ki story hai jiska naam varun hai  name changed) 2010 ki bat hai jab hamare ghar shifting chal raha tha hum ek new ghar me the. Acha lagta  tha wana pe. Ek din kuch aisa huya mene sojcha bhi nahi tha ki aisa hoga.Subha mene ek ladki ko dekha bahut cute thi.

Mujhe wo bahot achi lagi. Mujhe baad me ye pata chala ki wo meri choti  behen  ki best friend hai. Humara ghar paas me hi tha. Wo hamesa padhane hamare ghar aaya karti thi. Mujhe use dekhane me or uske saath khelne  me maja aata tha. Kuch din baad mene use apne dil ki bat bata di. But usne bola uska pehle se ek bf hai. Mujhe acha nahi laga aur mai gum sum sa rehene lag gaya.

Meri behen ko jab ye pata chala to ho usa apni friend se pucha to usne sab bataya . Meri sister ne mujhe bahut samjhaya. 2 mahine bad sab pahele ki tarha ho gaya wo ladki padhne aati mai uske saath thoda flirt karta maja aata tha life aise hi ja rahi thi. Fir mere 12th me marks ache aaye to college me admission le liya aur ab college ke pas ham ek new ghar me shift ho gaye. us time mere paas phone nahi tha. Uske paas papa ka no. tha hamari  kabhi kabhi baat hoti thi. Kuch dino baad hum aise busy huye ki baat karne ka time na milta tha. us ladki ko ye sab acha nahi laga or tab use pata chala ki itane dino humare beech me jo tha ho pyar tha. Hum dono  miss kart the ek dusare ko.

Kuch din baad hum dono ne phone liya or raat raat baat karte or din ko padhai me lag jate pata nahi ye kab tak chalega ye hume nahi pata hamare pariwar wale manege ya nahi kyuki hum dono alag relation se hai god kare ki hum ek ho Jaye thanks.…

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