shayarisms4lovers June18 107 - A promise on Promise day -II -Vixxu

A promise on Promise day -II -Vixxu

2 years later, DIPA completed her GRADUATION and her family wanted her to get married but she disagree to them because she wanted to work for herself as a writer, she wanted to publish a book about her life from when she met AVIAN and how they separated. DIPA’S MOM allowed her but in one condition if she would marry after then. DIPA agreed and next day, AN ENGINEER came from a rich family, his name was KARAN, he was good looking but as usual ENGINEERS are boring. KARAN liked DIPA, Her family also liked KARAN. So, DIPA accepted the marriage proposal of KARAN. KARAN wanted to meet DIPA alone to know more about DIPA. KARAN set up a date, DIPA came with wearing a beautiful dress and KARAN was completely hypnotised in DIPA’S beauty, KARAN started the conversation with a big compliment. KARAN:WOW! you’re looking damn beautiful. DIPA: Thank you! KARAN: I have to say that you have to control in your diet, I want you to look slim in our marriage day. DIPA was uncomfortable talking with KARAN and start missing AVIAN. She didn’t even reply to KARAN and then KARAN eventually asked DIPA about her love life. […]

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In Our life, we takes lots of promises ,some we do and some we don’t but the reason behind was our selfishness. This is not only a saga but also a message to everyone. This story has started from the fresher’s day celebration in the L. COLLEGE, every college had a popular face and this college also had a popular boy ‘AVIAN’, AVIAN was a genuine, swaggy and cool nature type guy who was popular among girls and every girl wanted him as their partner. 👨 AVIAN was a flirt handsome hunk who was not more than a dream boy for Girls, his mother was a house wife and his father was a BUSINESS MAN. AVIAN did whatever he wanted to do and somewhere he was good for nothing for his family, he was a good student but he didn’t know his goals. AVIAN was living in th hostel because he wanted to enjoy the hostel life. 1st February 2014, FRESHERS’ DAY, there were so many students took admission in the L. COLLEGE of science and commerce, everyone was excited to meet new people whereas AVIAN was The G. S. of the COLLEGE so he had the duty to welcome […]

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