15 Of The Best Snape Quotes From ‘Harry Potter’

Because it’s good to be bad. Harry Potter, the beloved series of books about the boy wizard coming of age and, you know, defeating the forces of evil, is adored by people young and old all over the world. People get into endless debates about the best characters. People are also just as passionate when it comes to the villains of the franchise. But no one in the books is as divisive as Severus Snape. From the beginning of the series, Harry doesn’t trust this wizard, and with good reason. Snape is snide, cold, dismissive, and at times downright hostile to the little boy wizard. But what Harry doesn’t realize is that every single action Snape undertakes has been to protect him in honor of his late mother, Lily, the love of his life who sadly never returned his affections. When Snape’s true goodness is revealed, it’s enough to touch the heart of even the most cynical reader around. Snape may be an unlikely hero, but that doesn’t make him an unlikable one. In fact, once you know him it’s impossible to look back on even his shadiest remarks without a tiny grin forming on your face. If you’re still […]

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