shayarisms4lovers June18 277 - How to Make America Great Again in 10 Steps

How to Make America Great Again in 10 Steps

By AC After “How to Make a Cardboard Box Disappear in 10 Steps” by Clint Smith Build walls to emphasize borders. Send out hateful messages and sign harmful executive orders. Create division and racial tension within a nation. Split up families and kick out Dreamers with no valid justification. Treat women like objects or second class citizens. (It’s not like they carry life within them and have the gift to give life or anything anyway.) Create diplomatic confusion internally, while stirring up economic chaos nationally. Open the eyes of The People so we can all see that there is something very wrong with us all. Unite all races and genders against you and your ways. Realize that it’s not you that makes this country great, it’s the diverse people within it and the daily sacrifices they are willing to endure to keep the American Dream alive. Move aside. Let anyone else attempt to fix the mess you’ve made.

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shayarisms4lovers June18 293 - My Struggle

My Struggle

They lock us in these cages And throw away the key Say it ain’t no hope for me I was only sixteen When they gave me eighteen Man if they really really knew All of the s*** we go through Maybe they’ll provide a better way And lil bruh still be here today These streets is unsafe Or do they really even care That this s*** is unfair, We living in the slums, so you better not run Cause they’ll shoot you in your back And justify your death Say I took away his breath ‘Cause I thought he had a gun And wasn’t nothing in your hand Now do you see what I’m saying? History keep on showing us That America don’t accept us But don’t listen to lil ole me Just watch and see Trump about to show you That this ain’t that land of the free Nor the home of the brave Money, lies and graves is what this country really about And how it was made…

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