List of Best Ok Google Voice Commands with Example

Here’s a listing of near to everything you can say to Google voice commands. Try experimenting with totally different phrasing, you’ll be shocked how much it understands. The part of the phrase in the list can be replaced with any similar term you choose. We searched high and low for an entire list of Google voice commands but came up short. therefore we place one along ourselves. Below is a list of commands we’ve verified work on android. Odds are it’s not entirely complete since Google didn’t share one with us — we asked. If “Ok Google” doesn’t get your spoken commands right, you can correct it by saying “No, I said…” and trying the words again. You can activate the voice commands by saying any of the command below: Ok Google Okay Google Hey Google Essential OK Google commands Open [app name]. Example: “Open Gmail.” Go to [website]. Example: “Go to” Call [contact name]. Example: “Call Dad.” Text or Send text to [contact name]. Example: “I am busy right now I’ll call you later” Start a list for [list name]. Send Hangout message to [contact name]. Remind me to [do a task]. Example: “Remind me Peter’s Birthday on […]

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