shayarisms4lovers June18 222 - 25 Confident Quotes That Prove It's Actually Good To Be Selfish Sometimes

25 Confident Quotes That Prove It’s Actually Good To Be Selfish Sometimes

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Don’t be afraid to put yourself first.

It’s okay to selfish sometimes.

Putting yourself first is key to living a fulfilled and happy life. There is nothing better than canceling all your nights plans, lighting a candle, pigging out, and watching romantic comedies all night long.

Putting yourself first gives you the confidence you need to succeed in life – telling yourself that you are worth more than what you see in the mirror is powerful. Telling yourself every day that you are kind, smart, beautiful, and talented will give you the confidence you need to say no to things and people that drain you, and yes to the opportunities that make your stronger.

The trait “selfish” always has a bad connotation surrounding it. But, you should allow yourself to be selfish when it comes to what you want and how you plan to get it. This doesn’t mean you should knock down others to get to the top, but putting your needs before those around you will help you achieve your goals.

Girl, be a little selfish. Be very confident. Be empowered by the things that light your fire.

Here are 25 quotes to remind you to do just that. Here is your reminder to treat yourself to a life revolved around you!

1. The people who support you will want you to be a little selfish

“Sometimes you just need to be selfish and take care of you. If they love you, they’ll understand”Robert Tew

2. You come first, always

“Sometimes, you have to do what’s best for you and your life, not what’s best for everybody else”Unknown

3. You should be striving to please yourself, not those around you

“The drive to please others is at the root of so much suffering in the world” Unknown

4. Never let anyone get in your way

“No more distractions, it’s time to be selfish” Unknown

5. Just in case you forgot that you still come first

“Being selfish to me means that you have to look out for yourself and you don’t have to sacrifice” Herbie Mann

6. Pamper yourself multiple nights a week

“Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel”Eleanor Brownn

7. She deserves tender love you care

“Work on being in love with the person in the mirror who has been through so much

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shayarisms4lovers June18 249 - 30 Inspirational Quotes About Confidence To Remind You That It's Always Better To Just Be Yourself

30 Inspirational Quotes About Confidence To Remind You That It’s Always Better To Just Be Yourself

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No one else is like you.

Everyone struggles with self-confidence and longs to find out who they really are but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

We have all experienced insecurities and questioned our worth from an early age. Supposedly, this kind of self-doubt ends after high school or college and you emerge a confident and unshakeable human being with no major flaws.


We face this kind of self-doubt in every stage of our lives. Finding out who you are isn’t easy in the first place, and being confident enough to just be authentically who you were meant to be at all times is almost impossible. We are constantly surrounded by the pressures of society and are left comparing ourselves to the people around us.

The simple fact of the matter is that being yourself is a lifelong struggle, although some phases of life may be harder than others. There’s no point where we just click into ourselves and become automatically confident in everything that we are. There’s no magic confidence potion, I’ve looked (although I have to confess, tequila comes as close as anything).

Being a human being is all about building the life you want and becoming who you want to be. You’ll undoubtedly make a million mistakes along the way, doubt yourself at every turn, and get lost in your own hopes for yourself but that’s OK! That’s part of being human! The most important thing is to keep chipping away at it, to keep growing and to keep trying. You’re a work in progress. 

When you need a little inspiration to be unapologetically you, turn to quotes. Words from others who have gone through exactly what you have are often an easy source of motivation.

Here are 30 quotes to remind you to always be yourself!

1. You are you for a reason.

“Never apologize for being yourself.” — Paulo Coelho

2. No one else is like you.

“Be yourself because an original is worth more than a copy.” — Unknown

3. Don’t be afraid to be different.

“It takes nothing to join the crowd. It takes everything to stand alone.” — Hans Hansen

4. You can’t compete with one-of-a-kind.

“If you’re able to be yourself, then you have no competition.” — Barbara Cook

5. You’re irreplaceable.

“Own who you are.” — Unknown

6. Let your beauty shine.

“Beauty begins the moment you

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20 Sassy Quotes That Remind You To Live Unapologetically

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Being yourself is good enough.

Life can feel SO hopeless some days. No matter how many good things are happening around you, you still seem to have this dark cloud floating around with you, and it’s keeping you from living your best life.

You try to be yourself, but there is always something trying to bring you down; work, boys, drama.

You look at yourself in the mirror and you don’t like what you see. You never think your work is good enough, you never feel like you’re smart enough.

You’re sure that everyone trying to bring you down is right and everything about your life is WRONG. Next thing you know, you’re stuck in a rut that you can’t get out of.

You wish that you were someone else, ANYONE else because they could probably handle your screwed up life better than you can. But you’re wrong.

This is YOUR life. No one can do it better than you. No one knows exactly how strong and capable you are except you. You can do more than you think you can do and more than THEY think you can do. It’s important that you be yourself.

Love your life despite the road bumps. Take each failure as a lesson and be happy that you’ve grown each and every day. Realize that although people will try and tear you down, your happiness is the BIGGEST revenge.

Life can be seriously hard but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be happy. You can be happy, unapologetically YOU despite anything and anyone bringing you down.

You will always have YOU, so you might as well love yourself despite it all! You need motivation. You need inspiration. You need POWERFUL words to propel you into the best and baddest boss babe EVER!

Luckily, we know exactly what you need to be the best version of yourself (we’re all struggling, just like you!). It may take A LOT of inspiration, maybe some tears, but you’ve GOT this, babe.

One of a kind.

“You’re a limited edition.”

You have no obligation.

“This is who I am. Nobody said you had to like it.”

Beauty at its finest.

“She turns heads with all her clothes on… Imagine that.”

always badass.

“Stay classy, sassy, and a bit bad assy.”

Move it or lose it.
Your own version of a fairytale.

“A wise woman once said, ‘fuck this shit’

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