50 Powerful Quotes To Inspire You To Embrace Makeup & Learn To Feel Beautiful In The Skin You’re In

Pretty and powerful.

Beauty and makeup are important parts our everyday life. YouTube beauty gurus continue to dominate the beauty would with their makeup collections, brand promos and collaborations.

Makeup is meant to help you feel more confident and enhance your natural beauty, but there are tons of people who use makeup to create entirely new faces and personalities, and others who refuse to use makeup at all.

The beauty industry is ever-changing, and putting on makeup can be an art for some, and a struggle for others. Use these powerful makeup quotes about beauty to inspire you to put on your face for the day, go all natural with a no makeup makeup look, or love the skin you’re already in.

Take a look at this list of the best beauty quotes from fashion icons, beauty business moguls, and everything in between to use for your Instagram captions to go …

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