shayarisms4lovers June18 270 - Murk | A Poem by Billy JnoHope

Murk | A Poem by Billy JnoHope

I saw my phantom murked in a hindsight Smelled the ghost red rich and empty Failed in Brooklyn hell of a nightmare Woke up guilty gunning for my conscience Skin it before it snitches murked it for the world to breathe Whittle my blessings I deserve the lesser god Rusted dagger sawed off baptismal separate the sun Liberate libra apologist Saw that bleeding when it flirted red I could have milked it yellow but I lusted red

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shayarisms4lovers June18 150 - Resolution Zero | A Poem by Billy JnoHope

Resolution Zero | A Poem by Billy JnoHope

I will shake new leaves from the mishap tree The dots will disconnect from the blood rust The new light breathes mad flowers Mad seeds loop the worlds Chaos feeds everything I reap from the misaligned fresh cuts of birth Zero promises I will be what I believe and relativity besets belief time and zeitgeist pacing awareness the fate trigger I poke it with myths to bag a dragon I augment that howl let the poets fall out the unsolved quickening

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