shayarisms4lovers June18 233 - 25 Lana Del Rey Quotes & Song Lyrics Everyone Who's Ever Had Their Heart Broken Can Relate To

25 Lana Del Rey Quotes & Song Lyrics Everyone Who’s Ever Had Their Heart Broken Can Relate To

She understands heartbreak. Lana Del Rey has an old soul and powerful lyric-writing skills. She’s a lot more mainstream these days, but I would still consider her as a type of alternative music. Lana is known for her somber songs with deep lyrics guaranteed to make anyone feel something. She’s so skilled at turning her hurricane of thoughts, whether happy or dark, into beautiful works of musical art. I’ve been a huge Lana Del Rey fan since 2013 and when I first discovered her, I couldn’t believe that one person could have such a soothing voice! Lana’s voice is angelic and her music has a very vintage feel to it. She describes feelings in such interesting ways that I’ve never thought about. She’s the perfect artist to play when you’re driving around on a rainy day or just having a relaxing, quiet evening at home. There’s something about her music that is so soothing to listen to; maybe it’s because of the soft melodies or the fact that her lyrics are so relatable. Many of her songs make me feel like she understands exactly how I feel and turned it into a song. Lana Del Rey is a huge difference from the upbeat pop […]

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shayarisms4lovers mar18 149 - 25 Break Up Quotes To Help You Get Over Him — For Good

25 Break Up Quotes To Help You Get Over Him — For Good

It’s time to move on. “Breakups are easy!” — said no one, ever. Break ups are tough.Telling someone you don’t want to be with them anymore sucks and it’s heartbreaking to hear someone say those words to you. In the moment, it feels like you’ll never recover from such heartbreak. I’m here to tell you that you absolutely will! Everyone heals from a broken heart at their own pace. No matter how long it takes to move on, just know that this experience has only made you stronger. The pain, although it is gut-wrenching now, will pass. You’ve learned many lessons and, believe it or not, you’ve also made some great memories. You might eventually look back and even be grateful for the relationship à la Ariana Grande. Feel free to blast Thank U Next as many times as you need! It’s important to take your time mourning the loss of the relationship, bu it’s important to pick yourself back up afterward. Chin up, buttercup, because today is your fresh start! You now know what you want and don’t want in a partner, thanks to your ex. You’ve gotten rid of someone who isn’t a right fit for you and it’s time to move on in the search for your soul mate. These 25 quotes will […]

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shayarisms4lovers mar18 80 - The Breakup Cafe

The Breakup Cafe

Year 1999, when there were no breakups, only heart breaks. It was 2:30 AM and Arjun kept checking his phone. He was sitting on a chair with his legs propped on the table. The table was neatly arranged with a few books from his college days and a notepad that he always kept with him to write stories and poetry. He was swinging a pen in hand impatiently. He kept thinking about the time it started and how surreal it felt then. He remembered when they went for a drive and it started raining and how they sang their favorite song together but now things had changed. He said to himself, “She does not deserve me anymore. It’s over.” Suddenly the phone beeped, and Arjun pounced at it. The message read, “Alright! Let’s meet for one last time at 10AM.” The meeting point was their regular coffee joint where they first went 2 years back and ever since they went there almost every day. Arjun was working in an IT company, but he always wanted to be a writer. On the other hand, Nishka had her priorities sorted. She wanted to start her own Playschool and was accumulating funds while […]

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shayarisms4lovers mar18 29 - Dil ka dard original shayari made by aacky | Latest hindi Shayari

Dil ka dard original shayari made by aacky | Latest hindi Shayari

Dil ka dard original shayari made by aacky | Latest hindi Shayari video dil ka dard dikana ni cahate, kisi ko kuch batana ni cahate, dil me jo aag jal rahi hai, use bi bujana ni cahate, smma ki sama ronak rahe, usko bi to mitana ni cahate, bus jalte rahe unhi unki yaad me, jinhe hum bulana bi ni cahate, jal jal ke katam ho jaaye caahe, par usko ruswa karna bi nahi cahate, bus dard ko awaj bana ke, sab tak bus pahucaana cahate………….. (from bottom of my heart)….. ============================================= mere ko gam tha, to kya tere ko bi gam tha, agar tha bi to kya mera gam tere gam se kam tha, tha dono ko gam, na kisi ko jayada na kisi ko kam tha, iska kya pata kisko kya gam tha par tha jo bhi wo dono ko kam tha, jo bi gam tha usko sunke ankho ka hona tay nam tha, mere ko gam tha, to kya tere ko bi gam the mera gam kya tere gam se kam tha, mere ko gam tha, mere ko gam tha….. ================================================ Jab apne hi karne lage dohke, Fir kya karu roke, Usse bi to kuch ni hoga, […]

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shayarisms4lovers June18 41 - 20 Breakup Quotes To Remind You That Everything Happens For A Reason

20 Breakup Quotes To Remind You That Everything Happens For A Reason

It’s time to find the good in goodbye. Breakups are hard, but they’re pretty much unavoidable in your life and many of them happen for reason. And although you understand the reason things didn’t work out was that the relationship wasn’t necessarily made to last, there’s a part of you that needs to heal after the breakup, anyway. Your relationship could have been a friendship that developed into something more. You knew the two of you were just having fun for the time being. You were just kind of hanging out, not really going on dates or being seen in public together. It still hurts when your friends with benefits wants to end the benefits side of your relationship. Because let’s be honest, you started feeling something for that friend. It was impossible to be THAT physical together for SO long without getting caught up with feelings. Now you’re heartbroken and a firm believer that friends with benefits doesn’t work. But where do you go from here? What else can you learn from the ending of this chapter in your life? Breakups hurt even more when they come out of nowhere and involve a person you thought you were going to marry. And you’ve been together with them for so long that […]

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shayarisms4lovers mar18 92 - Yeh Mat Sochna - Daasu Breakup Attitude Status

Yeh Mat Sochna – Daasu Breakup Attitude Status

Breakup Attitude Status in Hindi ये मत सोचना..😎 की तू छोड़ देगी तो👉👸 टूट जाऊँगा मै..💔😔 कमीना हूँ..😂 तुझसे भी अच्छी😒 पटाउँगा मै..😎 Ye Mat SochnAa..😎 Ki Tu Chhod Degi To👉👸 Toot JaaunGa Mai..💔😔 KaMinaa Hun..😂 Tujhse Bhi Acchi😒 Pataaunga Mai…😎

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shayarisms4lovers may18 59 - 20 Quotes That Remind You Why You Should Never Take Back A Cheater

20 Quotes That Remind You Why You Should Never Take Back A Cheater

Trust is earned. There’s nothing worse than the feeling you get when you find out you’ve been cheated on. It’s gut-wrenching, blood-boiling AWFUL. There’s nothing that compares to that betrayal. The texts you find, the necklace in the backseat of his car, the pictures on his phone. It’s rage and fear and sadness all at the same time. Yet… we are somehow tempted to take them back anyway. It’s that smile, the way they say they’re sorry (and seem like they actually mean it), that makes you WANT to forgive them and pretend like it never happened. You WISH it were that easy, my friend. You wish things could go back to the way they were BEFORE they were cheating. But they can’t. If your partner even has an IDEA that they want to cheat, they’re already halfway out the door. It’s the harsh truth that someone needs to share with you. Once a cheater, always a cheater. You’ll always be taken back to the moment when they told you, or that feeling you get when you picture them with someone else. It sucks. It feels awful, and you don’t deserve to have to go through that once, let alone again if you […]

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20 Heartbreaking Quotes To Help You Heal After Breaking Up With Your Soulmate

Don’t look back, you’re not going there. Sometimes heartbreak hits you in the face when you least expect it. It can feel like everything is going perfectly fine in your relationship, and then next thing you know, you’re crying on the floor with a bucket of ice cream wondering what you’re supposed to do next. Step one: pick yourself up off the floor. He is NOT the person you are supposed to spend your life loving if you’re left alone crying on the floor. The worst part is, he may not even be that bad of a person. Maybe he just doesn’t love you like he used to. And somehow, you still want him back. You think that there will never be ANYONE who will love you the way he did. But I’ve got some news for you… There is someone out there who will love you TEN times the amount that they did. Moving on is the first step to getting over someone you thought was the one. You can’t find love again if the only thing you’re doing is checking Instagram every 3 hours to see if he posted. Go out with your friends. Buy a new cute outfit. Get […]

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