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The Breakup Cafe

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Year 1999, when there were no breakups, only heart breaks.

It was 2:30 AM and Arjun kept checking his phone. He was sitting on a chair with his legs propped on the table. The table was neatly arranged with a few books from his college days and a notepad that he always kept with him to write stories and poetry. He was swinging a pen in hand impatiently. He kept thinking about the time it started and how surreal it felt then. He remembered when they went for a drive and it started raining and how they sang their favorite song together but now things had changed.

He said to himself, “She does not deserve me anymore. It’s over.” Suddenly the phone beeped, and Arjun pounced at it.

The message read, “Alright! Let’s meet for one last time at 10AM.” The meeting point was their regular coffee joint where they first went 2 years back and ever since they went there almost every day.

Arjun was working in an IT company, but he always wanted to be a writer.

On the other hand, Nishka had her priorities sorted. She wanted to start her own Playschool and was accumulating funds while working at her current job.

Arjun thought to himself, “So she seems to have made her mind this time”. He was not sure if Nishka had sent that message or someone else. They had many fights in the last two years for all the reasons a couple could fight. Every time a fight happened, Nishka would make things right. Arjun would later realize that he could have controlled his anger and may be not overreact every time.

“If she does not care anymore its better we breakup tomorrow; I need a closure” Arjun said out aloud as if trying to tell the same to Nishka. He went to sleep thinking Nishka must have slept so why should he lose his sleep over her. He could not sleep the whole night though.

So, the sun rose, Arjun was feeling sleepy but managed to get ready and started to drive from his house to the cafe. He kept on murmuring something as if revising the things he would say to her.

Arjun parked his car outside the cafe and went inside, trying to make the facial expression that would be appropriate for the situation, but he was unsuccessful.

He went straight …

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