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15 Best Childish Gambino Song Lyrics That Basically Give Us Life

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I became aware of Donald Glover when I watched the Dan Harmon show, Community. In already strong cast including Joel McHale, Chevy Chase, and Alison Brie, he managed to do something that would be next to impossible for even a seasoned actor: he stood out from the crowd.

I assumed there had to be more to this man than his comedic timing, and after a bit of a deep dive, I quickly learned that I was right. Frankly, to know Donald Glover is to love him. Glover is a triple threat — he writes, he acts, and he sings. Wait, did I say triple? Because, yeah, he does more than that.

If you’re already a fan of his then you know about his FX show Atlanta, which he’s directed and produced. In addition to, you know, that little part where he also created the entire show. The man has talent oozing out of his pores, and even if you aren’t a fan of what he does on the small screen, it’s hard to deny the captivating quality of Childish Gambino lyrics.

If I was still in junior high, chances are I’d be inking Childish Gambino (his handle on all Hip Hop projects) lyrics all over my journal, and in gel pen no less. From political issues, to matters of the heart, and to everything in between, Childish Gambino speaks to experiences so specific, that they, in turn, become universal.

His words work their way into your brain, and once they’re in there, they aren’t going anywhere. If you aren’t sure you agree, that opinion is going to change when you check out these 15 stellar Childish Gambino song lyrics and quotes.

1. “Les,” Camp

We could pretend if you want to, like

We in love and started datin’ at your art school

‘Cause, either way, we both lyin’ more than half to the time

Nobody nails wistful longing and chilling irony the way Gambino does. He sets a scene and demolishes it, along with your heart.

2. “Zombies,” Awaken My Love

All I see is zombies

Walking all around us

You can hear them

You can hear them breathing

Breathing down your spine

Zombies aren’t just supernatural creatures, they are all around us, they just look different than we expected, and that’s captured beautifully here.

3. “Heartbeat,” Camp

I miss the sex when you kiss whenever you

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