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50 ‘I Love You’ Quotes From The Best Romance Novels And Movies Of All Time

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Saying “I love you” has special meaning. So, naturally, you love to hear sentimental and meaningful messages in all sorts of ways. Maybe you might be looking for new ways to express how you feel, and “I love you” just doesn’t feel like it’s enough.

Maybe you like reading quotes from romance movies and novels or you are one of those hopeless romantics who love to think of love.

Do you need help figuring out how to recreate that sparkle of love in your man/woman’s eyes? Or do you need something to simply put in your Tinder bio so you’ll seem really deep and profound?

You can pull a cheesy music video stunt and put one of the love quotes on a napkin and slide it to your love interest as you walk away while Deja Vu by Beyonce plays in your head.

Starting ahead of the race can only make you finish first and it also makes the one waiting for you at the finish line very happy.

So, start planning ahead to figure out what quote would best describe your relationship or could-be relationship.

If so, we have picked 50 great quotes so you don’t have to.

These best love quotes of all time are meant for more than just reading — we picked them so you can be inspired. To help you decide on that next perfect Instagram caption. To help you tell him how you really feel — without just blurting it out.

Not only are these quotes immensely romantic, but they’re from your favorite movie or book by Nicolas Sparks, John Green, etc.

If you’ve never seen the movies or read the books then *spoiler alert* you’ll see why it made everyone cry.

1. There’s nothing more romantic than a sweet smile to the one you love most.

“That smile could end wars and cure cancer.” An Abundance of Katherines

2. Don’t let them forget how special they really are.

“You are so busy being you that you have no idea how unprecedented you are.” The Fault in Our Stars

3. That feeling when she’s there for you, even during your darkest hours.

“Learn to let go of the past, and recognize that … it’s only in the black of night that you see the stars, and those stars lead you back home.” A Walk to Remember

4. Always remember how important

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