shayarisms4lovers June18 275 - Invisible Love

Invisible Love

English Poetry published on July 7, 2018 by yeakubhExcerpt: Pagalita my shirt collar to tweak,with the heart silently is the,rain drops drops of water pearls, like the,cheeks,tears are rolling. The result came at the Alhamdulillah passed all things have a little sit at the cycle of the gate, walking to come to the right on and asked brother,are you ever study in this college? (An unknown girl said to me, with two more girls) – I study in this college but why? (I) – Brother, do you know Yeaqub Hussein ? ( Girl ) – When I heard the name, I drank a flutter of the doctor, it was my name, what is it? I did not say anything to any woman, any day, my real name Yeakub Hussain (Yb) this identity secret, said, No Yakub Hossain (I) – Hey Yaqub Hossain whose Facebook ID is ” Aaral Me ” (girl), I know the name of my ID also. Kucha hai – yes yes sugar , but the boy falls with me , but why? (I) – Surely you know what yeakob is !!! (Because she was laughing) and I am walking without notice worthless kerasa khailama yes the story of a little boy writes well, I read in (i) cuuuuupa made him sort of story like […]

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