shayarisms4lovers mar18 09 - With Respect to the Whale | A Poem by David Russell

With Respect to the Whale | A Poem by David Russell

Oh, man – foul carnivore! Gorging beyond all need for sustenance, Gorging beyond even your body’s bounds! And is this a fixation on your prey, A lust for prey-communion? Willing your own, final annihilation By turning into quarry That great, that fine, that more than any beast; Sea-mammal – in its form a synthesis of elements, Model of global harmony, Sea-mammal – its pure song of sight and touch A blending of all sense, beyond man’s symbols. Oh, man! Knowing yourself so small, Are you in full immersion lost In dental agony of harpoon barbs, Asphyxiate in quicksand blubber? Or, in false striving To cheat the others of fair depths Would you burst, flounder, cast up useless bones Sick binder for your film Of mineral perversion? Oh you, that made of noble forms Cheap factories, demolished in a day For pulp, for ballast in the supermarket Without the dignity Of geriatrics’ corsets; Oh you, who pay mock homage To rare or extinct species Behind museums’ glass, in research confines To rare or extinct species – know your vanity! Know that the see-through panel That seals rare specimens from mundane soiling Is to yourselves a mirror! There your end . . […]

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