shayarisms4lovers June18 208 - Dream


By JP As I find myself getting lost in the world of illusion, Where perception is nothing more than constant confusion Which catches me by surprise Like kids opening gifts on birthdays and the gift leaves them in utter amazement Or like doing something and forgetting the task at hand or what you were doing Or like arguments or hurtful words said from points being proven I dream sometimes… Of broken hearts that I’ve ruined, Of empty promises never kept, Of walls of trust being penetrated until hatred is the only emotion left I dream sometimes… Of you fully forgiving me For the mistakes that I made and how I failed you endlessly I dream sometimes…

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A Young Black Prince Dream

By HC Young black prince living in a world that don’t recognize your presence, your existence feeling the wrath of your resistance, seeing the hate in your eyes from morning and evening news lies. Young black prince, the odds are against you but you have to hold strong like a clenched black fist, mighty enough to turn your past into existence from a prince to a king! A young black prince dream!

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