30 Best, Most Powerful Emma Watson Quotes

emma%20quote - 30 Best, Most Powerful Emma Watson Quotes

Nothing says girl power and inspiration like our very own (real life) Belle.

From our favorite witch to the most beloved Disney princess, Emma Watson has displayed the ultimate form of girl power through her powerful characters and her work with the United Nations. With a resumé and personality like Watson’s, it’s impossible to not be moved by her words.

In honor of this British icon, we’ve listed 30 of the best Emma Watson quotes to help get us through the day and life.

1. Everyone deserves to love who they are

“I want to be the person who feels great in her body and can say that she loves it and doesn’t want to change anything.”

2. Do what you know is right

“All I can do it follow my instincts, because I’ll never please everyone.”

3. The media’s image of ideal women can be our own downfall

“Young women are bombarded by images of perfection which no human being can really achieve.” 

4. Life is not always about the final destination

“It’s so cheesy to say this, but it’s the journey, not the end goal, that’s important.”

5. If you worry about fear, you’re only limiting yourself

“I don’t want the fear of failure to stop me from doing what I really care about.”

6. Be beautiful on the inside

“Feeling beautiful has nothing to do with what you look like, I promise.”

7. Women, don’t ask for permission

“Women feel like we need permission… We need to lead and change that.”

8. Understand labels 

“If you stand for equality, then you’re a feminist. Sorry to tell you.”

9. There’s value in our beliefs

“I know what I believe in and I know what I think is right.”

10. In your heart lives all beauty

“I truly, truly believe that beauty is something that comes from within.”

11. Try and add positivity and happiness to your day 

“I’m a pretty positive person. My phone is full of quotes that I love, like ‘live every day to the full.'”

12. Don’t be defined by labels

“If we stop defining each other by what we are not and start defining ourselves by who we are, we can all be freer.”

13. Never worry about what others think of you

“I keep telling myself that I’m a human being, an imperfect human being who’s not made to look like a doll.”

14. If a man

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