shayarisms4lovers June18 286 - 20 Inspirational Quotes To Get You Motivated For The Gym (Plus, 3 Incredible Fitness Bloggers To Follow Throughout Your Fitness Journey)

20 Inspirational Quotes To Get You Motivated For The Gym (Plus, 3 Incredible Fitness Bloggers To Follow Throughout Your Fitness Journey)

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Time to make those gym gains.

There is nothing harder than finding the motivation to go to the gym — or choosing to eat that green salad over that greasy slice of pizza heaven.

Especially during the summer months, the constant feeling to look a certain way and actively follow a healthy lifestyle is time consuming. We take longer over-thinking how we look and the food we eat instead of just living in the moment and enjoying every minute of our precious time.

There are some incredible and strong women out there who put their fitness journey on the Internet to help inspire others.

Living a healthy lifestyle is more than just eating your veggies and working out regularly — it is practicing self-love and giving yourself the pamper time you deserve.

There are many fitness bloggers I look up to for inspiration and motivation.

These women aren’t perfect and don’t want you to think their body is the ultimate goal — they want to create an environment where every woman is confident in her skin and lives the healthiest lifestyle that she can.

Here is a quick rundown of my top three favorite fitness bloggers and why they are truly so inspiring:

1. Maryana Dvorska

A fresh face to the fitness vlogging world, Maryana Dvorska has powered through countless weight loss slumps until she finally found her groove. The 23-year-old fitness guru has transformed both her physical and mental health over the course of three years. She created both a YouTube channel and an Instagram that revolve around her favorite workouts, quick and healthy meals, and clothing favorites.

She is not shy when talking about topics that may be a little uncomfortable – not being able to digest dairy and having serious bloating problems being a few. She constantly shares recipes for those who don’t want to break the bank buying healthier food alternatives and strives to make her followers feel they can relate to her and her weight loss story.

She partners with Gym Shark and Women’s Best (an active wear online clothing store and a health food line) to give her followers discounts on her fitness favorites and must-haves.

Her videos are inspiring and uplifting, as well as super informative. Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or are a gym fiend, Dvorska is your go-to-gal for all things fitness goals.

She also has the cutest style.…

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shayarisms4lovers June18 247 - 20 Fitness Motivation Quotes to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

20 Fitness Motivation Quotes to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

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Going to the gym often remains on the “to-do list” for some of us.

Of course everyone wants to have a healthy lifestyle and be in shape, but how can we keep up in this fast-paced world? A full time job, a family that needs our attention, other duties that we can’t say “no” to…

Sadly, we start cutting-off things that we should actually do for ourselves and this always leads to negative outcomes. But how can we perform at our best if our bodies start to fail us?

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, stay fit or just clear your mind after a busy day at work, fitness should become an important part of your life.

And don’t be disappointed for not getting the results you want super fast. When it comes to getting in shape, consistency is the key. You must stick to your workout routine even if you really don’t feel like it.

Here are 20 fitness motivation quotes to help push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. — Jim Ryun

To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise. – Gene Tunney

Fitness is not about being better than someone else. It’s about being better than you used to be. – Khloe Kardashian

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. Jim Rohn

Exercise is king. Nutrition is queen. Put them together and you’ve got a kingdom. – Jack LaLanne

I hate every minute of training. But i said, don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion. – Mohammad Ali

The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow. – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Do today what others won’t so tomorrow you can do what others can’t. – Jerry Rice

Do something today that your future self will thank you for. — Sean Patrick Flanery

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. —  John F. Kennedy

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. – Fred Devito

Train hard, turn up, run your best and the rest will take care of itself. – Usain Bolt

Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits. – Jerry Dunn

Unless you puke, faint, or die,

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shayarisms4lovers mar18 55 - 20 Inspiring Quotes That Make Going To The Gym A Whole Lot Easier

20 Inspiring Quotes That Make Going To The Gym A Whole Lot Easier

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Feel the burn!

Welcome to the end of the summer. If you are anything like me you had major #GOALS to get the summer bod of your dreams. And if you are really like me, that didn’t exactly happen.

So you are going into the new school year or you are going back to work and you are thinking “this will be the year.” I know I am. But going to the gym and making healthy choices is a lot easier said than done. I know once I step back on campus, I will be confronted with a wall of responsibilities that don’t include the gym.

Life is busy, we all know that. But what if we could change our mindset about working out and eating healthy to make going to the gym a lot easier. Well, we can. Instead of just saying over and over again for the millionth time, “I want to eat healthier,” define what that means to you.

To me, eating healthy is fueling my body with what it needs to get through the day and STILL have energy by the end of the day. Recently I’ve started checking out the nutrition labels on foods I buy and ACTUALLY being aware of what I am putting into my body. I know, crazy right?!

The gym is more of a mental obstacle than anything else. I don’t know how many times I’ve made dumb excuses for myself to allow myself not to make it to the gym and work out that day.

Getting ANY type of movement is so important for our bodies. And now more than ever, I am starting to understand that. As a 21-year-old, I should NOT be having joint pain. It’s just not OK and it’s time to start listening to my body. And so should YOU!

But going to the gym should NEVER be about anyone other than YOURSELF. Your body is YOUR body, which means your decision to workout should be because YOU want to make healthier choices and YOU want to treat your body right.

You may not know it now, but today IS the day.

“It’s the days when the body aches, the desire is low, you feel tired and you feel weak…those are the days when champions train.”

And that’s ALL she needs.

“She believed she could, so she did.”

That day will feel GOOD!

“It hurts, but

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