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30 Quotes About Fall That Prove Autumn Is The Best Season

The year might be ending, but the best part has just begun. As of September 22nd, the northern hemisphere officially entered its peak time of the year: autumn. We are again thrust into a strange state between extremes. Summer has ended, and winter is creeping closer. There are the more obvious markers of Fall that are just as wonderful. Autumn outfits require minimal layering: enough that you’re warm and cozy, but not bulky or overbearing. Friends inviting you to apple-picking, pumpkin-picking, hayrides with cider. Everything Halloween: decorating, outfit-planning, baking. Even if you’re not one for Halloween, Fall brings a sense of nostalgia for back when you trick-or-treated and jumped into piles of leaves. And of course, the most obvious: the leaves. It’s fun to pass by a tree every day and see the transition from green to gold to red to brown to gone. The bright trees are fiery without the heat of summer. They’re almost like cherry trees that briefly blossom in the spring: the pink flowers are only going to be there for so long, and you know you have to appreciate them while they’re there. The leaves have been on these other trees for months, but can […]

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