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Speak Child Speak

By MS For my daughter Speak, child, speak, hold not your tongue because the question that you ask, the answer that it brings may be the solution that saves us all Speak, child, speak Because ignorance is not bliss, it is apathy to the mind. It is the residue of stagnant thoughts that destroys itself fully with the passions of time & stagnation is death to young & old minds. Speak, child, speak, your voice may be the one that touches the world & shapes reality into a paradise that women, men, & children may grow & peacefully live in. Speak, child, speak, Because my voice is old & un-remembered. It is the weeping in the bowels of coffin ships & it is the creak of rope & wind & silent kingdoms swaying in a sultry southern breeze, it is the shackles of falsehoods binding me to inferior thoughts of mental slavery, It is the sound of a fast life lived & lost in court rooms silently weeping in cells trying to escape my self-created hell. Speak, child, speak, Because you are the Grace of God & the Dreams of a Nation. SPEAK, CHILD, SPEAK

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shayarisms4lovers may18 80 - 50 Thoughtful Father's Day Quotes To Show Dad How Much You Care

50 Thoughtful Father’s Day Quotes To Show Dad How Much You Care

“I love you, dad.” Father’s Day is the yearly holiday all about celebrating dads. Your dad is your hero, so why not use his special Sunday to show him just how much he influenced your life. As a kid, he taught you all sorts of lessons to help you down the road. Whether it was how to check your engine oil or how to manage our finances, dad was there to make sure we had the necessary tools to succeed in life. In addition to important tasks to know, our dads were someone we could go to for advice on life. If we were unsure of which path to take, you can bet dad was there to help guide us. They brought us to baseball games, encouraged our creativity, and perhaps challenged us to epic games of hide and seek in the supermarket – much to the dismay of mom when she later found out. Our father is that person that we look up to. As a child he is our untouchable hero, but as we grow up, we learn that he is only human and we have to learn to love him anyway. No matter what though, they took care of […]

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