40 Quotes From Men About Women, Women’s Rights & Feminism

Although International Women’s Day is officially behind us for this year, it’s ever-more important throughout Women’s History Month to remember the struggles women have faced through the years. And, it’s important to also be sure that we acknowledge the self-proclaimed feminist men that support us women. These guys are the real MVP’s, y’all. As a women, […]

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shayarisms4lovers June18 286 - 50 Best Quotes About What Makes A Strong Woman

50 Best Quotes About What Makes A Strong Woman

With Women’s History Month in full swing, it’s important to remember how strong us girls really are. Keep yourself motivated and inspired with 50 of the best strong woman quotes out there. And always remember why we celebrate International Women’s Day! Society throughout history has always perpetuated the idea that men are the strong ones, but if we’re being honest, with the […]

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