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20 Love Quotes To Remind You To Stay Together — Even When Times Get Really, Really Tough

You are worth the fight. Love is SO lovely, isn’t it? So why is it sometimes so hard to stay together? You’ve got that one person who is your other half, your go-to person, someone who gets you like nobody else ever will. You giggle with them all night long, they know exactly what you need on a bad day, and they are the ONLY person who gets your weird sense of humor. You never seem to run out of things to talk about and you could seriously listen to them talk ALL DAY. You get to go to sleep every night knowing this person next to you will ALWAYS be there. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? But you and I both know there’s A LOT more to love than just rainbows, butterflies and romantic walks on the beach. It’s tough stuff, this love thing. There will be fighting, days when you feel alone when it seems like your partner is NEVER listening to you. Sometimes you feel like you love them, but you don’t even LIKE them in that moment. You would rather leave but you choose to stay in the relationship. And you work it out because your love […]

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25 Pope John Paul II Quotes to Make You Fight for What You Believe In

Pope John Paul II (18 May 1920 – 2 April 2005) was head of the Catholic Church for 27 years (between 1978 and 2005), being the second-longest serving Pope in modern history after Pope Pius IX. Karol Józef Wojtyła, by his real name, is often referred to as Saint John Paul the Great by many Catholics. He earned this title not just by being a religious figure, but by significantly improving the Catholic Church’s relations with the Orthodox Church, Islam, Judaism and the Anglican Communion. His dream was to create a religious alliance between all denominations. Pope John Paul II was involved in preventing Catholic sex abuse stating that “there is no place in the priesthood and religious life for those who would harm the young.” He supported the use of artificial contraception, the ordination of women, and also fought against organized crime. Of course, he was highly criticized by many bishops and traditionalists for being too unconventional and too direct, but he never stopped fighting for what he believed in. So here are 25 Pope John Paul II quotes to make you stand up and fight for what is right. The future starts today, not tomorrow. Do not be […]

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