shayarisms4lovers June18 219 - Free Verse: Tame the Fire

Free Verse: Tame the Fire

In this free verse poetry, “Tame the Fire.” In this free verse poetry, I was a six-year-old girl. My family lived on a farm in the countryside of Hayden, Id. It was a perfect Saturday, the weather was cooler, we were heading into fall. It was perfect for burning trash in the old barrel on the side of the old shed. I was watching my brothers burning trash when something horrible happened. Life can change as quickly as a shift in the wind. I’ll describe through words in poetry. Free Verse Poetry: Tame the Fire At five and seven what did they know of fire? Nothing until that day. Sticks and a barrel of flames. Of fire that eats flesh, leaving you like a sun-dried raisin. Running, and laughing with fire, it loves the wind and cloth. It eats cloth. It ate my brother’s leg. He ran screaming, running from the flesh-eating fire. I ran too. I ran to get mother. Mother was “the fire tamer.” Mom threw him upon the ground, like a rolling pin. Rolling him back and forth, like she was rolling out bread dough. Bread she would make every Saturday. Mother snuffed out the flesh-eating fire.

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