30 Quotes To Help You Cope When You Need To Break Up With A Toxic Friend

Breaking up with a friend is sometimes even harder than with a romantic partner.

I never thought about how painful it would be. The moment I realized that my best friend was actually not my best friend anymore.

I didn’t want to believe that we had grown apart — to think about that fact that we hadn’t seen each other in months.

I didn’t want to believe that my best friend all throughout high school no longer cared about coming to visit me or was interested in making plans to go to concerts or movies or do any of the things we used to enjoy doing together.

I didn’t want to believe that she hadn’t asked me once in the last month how I was doing. But it was true, I was just no longer a priority to her anymore.

Strong friendships are very important to our well being, and way more than we might realize. No one wants to feel like they’re alone, and that’s a feeling I’ve become way too familiar with after my friendship breakup.

When I was in high school. I hung out with the same girl all the time. She was everything I could ask for in a friend, and I thought our friendship was just as valuable to her as it was to me.

However, when we graduated things just started to change.
We both went to different colleges, and I started dating my boyfriend. I didn’t think it would matter at first because I wanted to believe that our friendship would always be strong.

Little did I realize how much effort it takes to actually keep a friendship going nowadays, and how exhausting it would become to be the only one making an effort.

I hung onto this friendship for 2 years after I realized it was dissolving. I would text her even though I didn’t expect her to text back, and I would try to make plans even though I knew her response would be “sorry, I’m busy.”

If you want to keep your friendships after high school, you have to push pretty damn hard. But why is that? Is it because people are too self-absorbed, or are people just too lazy to go the distance? Whatever the case is, I’m starting to lose a lot of hope in finding true friends.

And if you want to have genuine friendships, you have to let go …

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