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22 Tough-Love Quotes To Get You Through Nasty Friend Drama

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No need for negativity in your life.

We’ve all had our fair share of drama. Maybe it was about a boy you liked or were dating, and things just were not going as planned. Or maybe you and your parents were just not seeing eye to eye about an issue. You’ve tried to take care of the drama yourself, but seem to have no luck doing so.

That’s what your friends are for! You know you can go to them to talk about anything and while you hope they’ll take your side, they’ll also tell you the truth. They’ll give you the advice you need to hear or tell you when you’re completely overreacting about a situation.

Maybe you don’t even want to think about your own drama or get advice, you just want to take your mind off of it. So, of course, you turn to your friends. There is no one better to keep you busy and keep you laughing.

They will help you with whatever you’re going through. 

But what about when it’s your friend who is creating the drama? Or when her life is just so drama filled that you don’t think you can take it anymore. You’ve gone to her for help but somehow end up being the one to give her advice… again.

Of course, you don’t mind being there for her like she’s been there for you. But lately, she hasn’t been there for you because her own life is just so dramatic that she believes it takes priority.

At that point, you may feel you need to find someone else to go to and separate yourselves for a while until you both figure your drama out.

Or worse, your friend is just completely creating drama among you and your other friends out of nothing. She goes after the same guy as you or another friend, or your ex, even though you told her that is not cool. You just don’t need this kind of girl drama in your life.

When you’re in a situation like this, it’s easy to see that you’re not happy and it’s not healthy. So what can you do? Use these quotes about being completely over dealing with all the friend drama to inspire you to action. Will you rise above, or will you cut it out of your life?

Keeping away from your friend’s drama is the
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