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20 Cute, Funny Love Quotes To Make Him Laugh Again After You Have A Fight

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We can all forgive and forget, right?!

Phew! That was a close one!

Another fight with the boyfriend or hubby and things may not resolve like they did the last time.

Fights between couples can be so scary. Before you know it, someone is using the b-word … (The b-word as in breakup, duh! What were you thinking?)

Anyway, I’m sure you have that one friend — or maybe you are guilty of this — who is always saying that she and her boo almost broke up last night. For many couples, even those who are deeply in love, arguments are a common occurrence.

(Unless you are one of the lucky few with that beautiful, smooth sailing kind of relationship and the two of you never fight. In which case, good. for. you. You are an alien.)

The reality is that most (if not all) couples fight occasionally, and usually it’s not that big of a deal. Fights are normal and are a way for each of you to get things off your chests and speak your minds.

It’s kind of therapeutic, and not every fight has to mean you’re breaking up.

Listen, no one is perfect and sometimes picking a fight for the fun of it is more entertaining than watching another episode of Fixer Upper. Okay, maybe not fun, per se, but honestly when you’re around someone for an extended period of time, things are bound to go downhill at some point.

Whether you are having petty fights over what show to watch next or have serious relationship issues that need intervention, sometimes you just need to relieve the tension. Especially if you live with your beau!

And sometimes the best thing to do after a long, exhausting fight is laugh!

That’s right — have a good ol’ chuckle and before you know it you are back on the couch and cuddling like nothing ever happened.

Okay, maybe not that quickly, but it’s totally possible to get back on the horse with your boo faster than you think. It doesn’t have to be all cold shoulders and awkward silences until someone wants to eat. It really is possible to make up and move on.

Now, I am not saying making jokes and poking fun at the situation is always the solution. Some fights are much more serious than that. But if this is a fight that seems to …

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