shayarisms4lovers mar18 14 - A Bestowal of Love

A Bestowal of Love

English Short Story published on June 30, 2018 by Bob Excerpt: he thinks himself lucky that he has got his love which is as pure as the purest of his living heart whose every byte beats for her. On a lovely evening, he forgot the worries of the past and was getting ready for the sweet dreams of the future. The torment rays of the setting sun remind him of his past. He was leading a life with lots of hope and courage which always makes him happy in adverse situations and tiring days. But he always had the excuse of having evenings or hanging out with his friends or loved ones because he likes his own company. He loves to be alone at times. Days passed, Nights passed. Everything in his monotonous life seems to be immoral. He used to ask himself “Strange world, Isn’t it?” But he gets the same reply always from inside “World is the same, but you are strange.” Few days passed, Now this strange world has something in new for him in its pocket, which is not only special but a wonderful gift in the form of a charming, sensuous and graceful lady whose […]

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