Doggy Love

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The dog’s ear twitched and its fleshy edge shook out a fly that buzzed loudly away. The dog’s eyelids quivered and strained open to view his surroundings.

Casper, named fondly by the neighbourhood boys, rested his face on both paws on the pebbled ground that hosted innumerable microscopic creatures. A breeze that carried smells of discarded food in a nearby dumpster trailed past his nostrils and ploughed through his furry back. The fly descended on the bridge of his nose and tickled it as if fondling and lulling him to sleep. Casper shut his eyes as darkness moved in.

His eyes jerked open at a sudden commotion of loud human discord. Casper threw his gaze towards the noise, with teeth parted and saliva dripping—a failed display of ferocity. As the human verbal assault grew physical, other dogs thronged to the arena. Casper propped himself up on four rickety legs, stretching muscles that formed a thin layer over his bony structure. The fly, losing its grip, flapped away. Casper detected a female dog passing, sensing her sensual gait. As a shiver passed through his entire body, he barked to get her attention. The other dog recognized his call and swayed her back end, her face signalling encouragement. Dead leaves covered the street in intricate patterns, and Casper pawed through them, his eyes fixed hopefully on his conquest.

As he trotted toward her, he glanced down and was distracted by a bread crust in a half-torn wrapper. Better, he thought, to grind bread between his teeth. He momentarily lost track of his previous quest—until instinct urged him to follow her. With the bread secure in his teeth, he frantically picked up her scent. A road infested with honking vehicles blocked his way, perhaps making him lose this opportunity. Trying to find a path among the speeding wheels, he ventured forward, then he retreated. After some more attempts, he arrived safely on the other end, which impressed the female. Now, she had taken refuge under an empty shed. Casper’s trotting was now a strong and confident gait, as if he had won his prize over many contenders. He sniffed at the dry ground, cocked his floppy ears, making these extravagant movements before approaching her. The female dog was lying prostrate on the ground, covering her private parts with her slender, furry tail. Casper neared her, his tongue sticking out, now smeared with saliva …

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shayarisms4lovers mar18 14 - A Bestowal of Love

A Bestowal of Love

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English Short Story published on by

Excerpt: he thinks himself lucky that he has got his love which is as pure as the purest of his living heart whose every byte beats for her.

On a lovely evening, he forgot the worries of the past and was getting ready for the sweet dreams of the future. The torment rays of the setting sun remind him of his past. He was leading a life with lots of hope and courage which always makes him happy in adverse situations and tiring days. But he always had the excuse of having evenings or hanging out with his friends or loved ones because he likes his own company. He loves to be alone at times.

Days passed, Nights passed. Everything in his monotonous life seems to be immoral. He used to ask himself “Strange world, Isn’t it?” But he gets the same reply always from inside “World is the same, but you are strange.”

Few days passed, Now this strange world has something in new for him in its pocket, which is not only special but a wonderful gift in the form of a charming, sensuous and graceful lady whose radiance can lit his whole life. The gift he got was not only alluring but completely worthwhile of his presence and fidelity.

He thought it could be virtual but it becomes real. He was happy. He was overwhelmed with happiness. He was curious. He was eccentric. He did not know what to do and what not so he went with the flow. He was absorbed by the essence of the lady that this world has given him by spreading its arm. It is not strange anymore. And now the amorous feeling started growing.

“How can an unorthodox, outlandish, free spirit individual can fall in love?” “Is it really love”, he enquired. But he gets no answer. The feeling started growing and growing. Gradually, it got increased by every second of life.

Her presence always cherishes his days, his nights. Her odour makes him vulnerable. Her eyes make him drowsy. She is neither a normal person nor a trendsetter but a special one for whom he waited for long.

And today standing at the virtue of his character, he thinks himself lucky that he has got his love which is as pure as the purest of his living heart whose every

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