15 Gordon Ramsay Quotes to Help You Perform at Your Best

Yes, he’s that jerk that yells at his cooks. But for those who may not know him very well…there’s much more to Gordon Ramsay than meets the eye. Born in Scotland in 1966, Ramsay knows struggle and setbacks as well as anyone else. Ramsay has a great passion for soccer (or football if you’re literally anywhere else in the world other than the U.S…), but when he was younger an injury caused him to prematurely put an end to his dream of becoming a professional ballplayer, forcing him to change course. Years later, after attending college for hotel management, he went on to train with some of the world’s greatest chefs, working on his cooking craft for several years before venturing on on his own and opening his first restaurant. Since then, he’s gone on to become a world-renowned chef and T.V. personality, earning multiple Michelin stars– the highest honor for a cook– and placing himself among the world’s most elite chefs in history. Ramsay worked hard to get to where he is and, while he can be a hardass, it’s because he knows what it takes to win. Not to mention, he’s also incredibly humble and appreciative when he […]

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