A Young Black Prince Dream

By HC Young black prince living in a world that don’t recognize your presence, your existence feeling the wrath of your resistance, seeing the hate in your eyes from morning and evening news lies. Young black prince, the odds are against you but you have to hold strong like a clenched black fist, mighty enough to turn your past into existence from a prince to a king! A young black prince dream!

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shayarisms4lovers June18 266 - Dear You

Dear You

By KW Don’t leave me like this! Let’s talk about it. What did I do wrong? Can it be fixed? I do whatever I have to do to correct it! Just don’t go! Please don’t leave me behind. I can’t go on without you. I am nothing without you. Please don’t cut me off! I can be better! What do you need me to do to prove it to you? I’ll do anything to be with you. Anything you name it. I love you like nobody loves you. We are made for each other. Without you I’m lost Let’s work it out, okay? Yours truly, Self-Respect

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shayarisms4lovers may18 19 - Mouth Piece

Mouth Piece

By JM Once, I was a man with a mouth piece Who perceived himself And who others perceived As a loser, an outcast, a loner Who did not fit into the normal world of friends I have a mouth piece that may make a lot of people mad Because I choose to use my First Amendment right Of Freedom of Speech But I also have a mouth piece That brings joy and happiness to peoples’ lives A lot of people love me Because I have the courage to speak what’s on my mind Never let anyone hold you back And never keep stuff bottled in You should feel free to let it out Because you never know If what you are holding in Can change someone’s life

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