shayarisms4lovers June18 261 - A Helping Hand

A Helping Hand

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It was her laughter that he missed the most, Matt realized as he sat on the couch and watched the images that flickered on the television screen in front of him. Carol had had this special laugh that had never failed to make him also laugh.

The movie he was watching was a comedy and had one of Carol’s favorite actors in it. He knew that she would have been laughing very hard if she had been there. And he would have too.

But she wasn’t there. And the living room was completely empty of laughter.

It had already been almost two years since she had passed away and although Carol had insisted until her last breath that he should move on and try to find someone else to share his life with, he had no intention of doing so.

Why would he?, Matt had often asked himself. He still had his two daughters and their families, which included three lovely grandchildren. And they all lived close by and he could see them as often as he wanted.

 Those few hours of loneliness he felt when he was at home, he would learn to cope with. His work and his friends would be enough to keep his thoughts occupied.

And besides, how would Alexandra and Patricia, his two daughters, feel about getting a stepmom? They had both told him that they were hoping that he would start looking for someone, but he wasn’t sure if they really meant it. And they meant everything to him.

He had everything he needed. It was only the laughter he was missing.

His phone rang and Matt picked it up from the coffee table next to him. She wants my help with something, Matt thought as he saw the name Patricia on the screen. She was the younger of the two and since her husband, Michael, was not the most practical man in the world, she had the habit of calling her dad whenever she needed something fixed. This being Saturday, Matt thought, made it even more obvious that she needed his help with some practical matter.

“This is Dad,” he said as he answered.

“Hi, Dad,” Patricia’s voice said at the other end, sounding a little timid as she usually did when she was about to ask for his help. “Are you very busy today?”

“No, but I expect that you are about …

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