shayarisms4lovers mar18 140 - Why Do I Hate Love?

Why Do I Hate Love?

By TS Why do I hate Love? Cause Love don’t have no heart. Love don’t care about nobody, and loves to rip you apart. Love causes pain Love causes stress Love is just misery, confusion, and evil at its best. Why do I hate Love? maybe cause Love hates me. Love been treating me wrong and unkind Since I was lil babe. I was born in the 90s To a mother who always say she Loves me but her Love was neva true. To a father I’ve neva seen before not even once in a blue. Why do I hate Love? Cause Love made me look like a fool. Use and abuse me like some worthless tool. Love is cruel and you’ll be the fool if you think it’s nice. Every time I showed Love I paid a tremendous price. Love ain’t s***. I’m my own witness. Love did me wrong too many times and will neva get my forgiveness. Why do I hate Love? ‘Cause everybody I thought love me turnt they back on me especially when they put them handcuffs and shackles on me. Nobody will neva love me for me they will just love me for what […]

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