25 Best Inspirational Quotes & Powerful Song Lyrics From Singer-Songwriter Lorde

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Royals was just the beginning…
Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter from New Zealand. She is more commonly known as Lorde.

She became interested in performing as a child and eventually signed with Universal Music Group in her early teens.

Lorde’s first single came out in 2013, Royals. This song hit the charts everywhere and resulted in her becoming the youngest solo artist to get a number one single on the US Billboard Hot 100 since 1987. Her accomplishments go on and on including a nomination for the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song, winning two Grammy Awards, and even two Brit Awards.

She isn’t just a musician, she likes to include subgenres into her music and pours herself into her lyrics.

Her mom always encouraged her to read books at a young age no matter what genre or type of book it was, Lorde admits that she has used that as lyrical inspiration in her music. This completely shows because her lyrics are thought out and full of life, they aren’t just words on a page.

Listening to her music, you can tell that she has poured her heart and soul into her lyrics and has used her own experiences. This makes her music so genuine and real, something that can be hard to find nowadays. Lorde is one who won’t disappoint, her music provides so much comfort and security. If you’re ever feeling down, just sit down and turn on Lorde’s music. Turn your thoughts off and just listen to her lyrics, every song tells a story that you can paint in your head.

She’s not afraid to be herself, she embraces who she is and her music. Lorde criticized mainstream pop culture in her first few major releases and identifies as a feminist.

Lorde expresses herself how she wants and shows us that she doesn’t care what people think about her. She represents herself as somebody who wouldn’t let mainstream pop culture mold her into who we want her to be, but as somebody who will be who SHE wants to be to make herself happy.

Her self-confidence shines bright and creates an inspiring light for all of us. Keep scrolling to read some of our picks of the best Lorde quotes and song lyrics from her chart-topping albums!

1. She gives good advice.

“My advice to young people wanting to make music …

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