25 Best Quotes By Poet Marc P. Robinson That Will Leave You Heartbroken & Inspired

Sometimes, it’s easy to be more supportive of and loving to our friends and family than we are to ourselves. But love goes both ways, and no one knows that better than writer and Instagram poet, Marc P. Robinson. His poetry and quotes seem to reflect his deep understanding of how important it is to cherish love in all of its forms.

So, if you’re ever in need of an inspiration fix or just a reminder to live your own life, do your own thing, and always make room for self-love and self-acceptance, Marc P. Robinson’s poetry is the way to go.

1. Learn to forgive yourself again and again.

“Whether he knew it or not, the life he lived was his penance. Punishing himself, for what he believes are his sins. Consciously or subconsciously, he creates the world he lives in. Never believing that he is deserving happiness, deserving joy.

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50 Thoughtful Mother's Day Quotes To Let Her Know How Much You Love & Appreciate Her

n May 13, 2018, we will celebrate Mother’s Day — the day dedicated to showing our love and appreciation for everything our moms do for us.

Sometimes we don’t realize how big of an impact our moms have made on us, but our entire lives would be different without her. Not only did she bring you in to this world, but if you’re lucky enough to have someone to call “Mom” — whether she be your step-mother, adoptive mother, grandma or someone else who represents this in your life — you know that being a mom is hard work that should be appreciated.

This day is all about the moms and everything they’ve done to be the best mom they can be because let’s face it, it’s NOT easy to be a mom.

I see everything my own mom sacrificed for me and for my sister and I am SO grateful for everything she’s done. …

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50 Seriously Cute Quotes Sure To Make You (And Your True Love) Smile

Who the heck needs Hallmark?!

Love varies. Sometimes, it’s a serious affliction.

Other times, love gives you goose bumps. And then there are times when love is outright painful.

But right now? It’s time to celebrate the silliness of it. You know, the adorable goofiness of it. The so-cute-I-can’t-stand-it-ness. It’s the kind that all of the greats write about.

And we’ve handpicked the best collection of cute love quotes and memes just for the occasion to share with the man or woman you are in a relationship with.

1. “Love is a two-way street constantly under construction.”

— Carroll Bryant

CUTEQUOTESREFURB1 - 50 Seriously Cute Quotes Sure To Make You (And Your True Love) Smile

2. “Happiness is a drug. And I want to be your dealer.”

— Unknown

3. “You can stay, but your clothes must go.”

— Unknown

4. “Tell him I’m going to the back seat of my car with the woman I love, and I won’t be back for 10 minutes!”

— Homer Simpson

CUTEQUOTESREFURB4 - 50 Seriously Cute Quotes Sure To Make You (And Your True Love) Smile

5. “Falling in love is when …

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50 Best Tattoo Quotes & Short Inspirational Sayings For Your Next Ink

Short inspirational tattoo ideas and designs to keep you motivated every single day.

Getting tattoos are often so important and meaningful to a person so why not ink an inspirational quote? Tattoos can be done spontaneously or planned out specifically, so let us give you some inspiration for your next one.

Whether you choose a quote tattoo that you love from the list below and plan to go within a month, or you happen to remember one of the following quotes when its a Friday night tattoo roulette kind of night, there’s plenty of ideas to get some great designs flowing for a one-of-a-kind piece of art to put right on your skin.

You can pull from these inspirational quotes for other reasons apart from tattoos as well.

These are timeless quotes that won’t go out of style and can be relevant for the rest of your tattoo’s life.

If you …

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7 Powerful MLK Quotes To Help Keep The Dream Alive

Embrace his timeless message of peace and love.

Martin Luther King Jr. revolutionized the country with his simple, heartfelt message: Love each other.

As a humble Baptist minister from Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. King preached about the power of love, and his voice inspired a generation to fight, nonviolently, for equal rights for all Americans.

Fifty years after he stood before the sprawling steps of the Lincoln Memorial and gave his historic “I Have a Dream” speech, Dr. King’s words are just as relevant and impactful as they were during the Civil Rights Movement.

Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day every day with these — the best MLK quotes about love and following your dreams.

1. Martin Luther King Jr. spread a message of peace to all citizens.

“Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.” 

2. Love is the most important thing in life.

“Hate cannot drive out hate.

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20 Romantic Love Quotes That Will Make You Fall In Love All Over Again

Over your honeymoon phase? Don’t give up hope quite yet.

Ah, the honeymoon phase. Those were the good old days weren’t they? The moments when the whole world seemed to fade away and there was nothing but your love. You couldn’t wait to get lost in each other’s arms.

No worries, just lots of cuddles, late night talks and kissing until your lips were sore…

Then came bills, fights, their annoying morning breath, and all the things that make you tick. You still love them to death, but that googly eyes phased has passed, and you’ve accepted it.

But you’re wrong. Maybe there will never be anything like those FIRST moments together, but the honeymoon phase doesn’t have to go away forever.

You can still live in that beautiful, love-filled world that you once lived in, you just have to remind yourself of how magical it used to feel.

What made …

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50 Most Romantic Love Quotes To Use In Your Wedding Vows

Make your “I do” mean something really, really special.

Your wedding vows are some of the most important words you will say in your life. They carry so much meaning and promise that the thought of even putting them down on paper is nerve-wracking. The idea of having to say them to the love of your life in front of your most important people is seventeen thousand times more nerve-wracking.

But, all vows are different and just as beautiful if they’re sincere.

An old friend of mine had one of the most sincere vows at her wedding. They’re so simple yet meaningful that I had to include them below:

“I will never stop telling how you how much I love you. I promise to remind you how handsome you are, how kind and generous you are, and to remind you that you are the most amazing person and father that I’ve

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15 Cutest (And Cringiest!) Lines From Our Ex-Boyfriends' Love Letters

Not everyone was born a poet, but they sure did try.

There are few expressions of love more romantic than a love letter. When we think about love letters, it reminds us of that old-school type of romance. We imagine some great writer like Ernest Hemingway sitting by candlelight and writing a beautiful note to his beloved in ink.

Swoon, right?

Love letters can make our hearts feel fluttery, like we’re the most special person in the world. It really is a passionate way to tell someone how much you love them. That is, assuming the person who’s writing it actually knows how to write a love letter.

Unfortunately, there are just as many bad love letters out there as there are good ones. A good, well-written love letter can be adorable, but a bad love letter can veer into downright creepy territory. Not everyone has such a way with words and …

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21 Scary-Accurate Love Quotes That Define Love Perfectly

What is love?

Love is a tricky thing. The word itself inspires so many different emotions, different memories, and different definitions for everyone.

Have I ever been in love? I might have said it to one person, I might have said it to five — but how many times did I really mean it? I might have meant it all the times I’ve said it, but looking back, each ‘love’ felt different.

Maybe you’ve never said the ‘L’ word. Does that mean you’ve never experienced it? How would you know? There are so many different questions.

You can look towards rom coms or Nicholas Sparks books for examples of love, but in reality, they’re still all so different. No one can tell you that your definition of love is wrong, but no one can tell you it’s right either.

There is no set number of times you have to be in love, …

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Top 100 Funny, Cute Hindi Love Shayari, Status

Top 100 Funny, Cute Hindi Love Shayari, Status, Images

Hum dil fek aashiq har kam me kamal kar de. Jo wada kare use pura har haal me kar de. Tujhe lipistik lagane ki kya jarurat, hum hot chum-chum ke lal kar de.

Arz Krta Hu Sarkar ne laga diya polythene pe ban wah wah. Sarkar ne laga diya polythene pe ban Tere mast mast do nainmere dil ka le gye chain..

Aaj Tum Pe Aansuo Ki Barsat Hogi Fir Wahi Kadakti Kali Raat Hogi SMS Na Kar Ke Tune DIL Dukhaya Hai Mera Ja Tere Badan Me KHUJALI Sari Raat Hogi

Arz Karta Hoon Dil Jala Raha Hu Kismat Azma Raha Hu Dil jla rha hu kismat azma rha hu Khub Ghumaya Us Bewfa Ko Bike P Isliye Aj Rickshaw Chala Raha Hu

Acha kurta siya tune mere naap ka Acha kurta siya tune mere naap ka Naap mera liya …

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