25 Best R&B Songs To Play For A Romantic (& Super Sexy!) Date Night In

There’s nothing like good music to set the MOOD. Date nights allow couples to rekindle their romance, especially since their busy schedules can sometimes limit the amount of time they spend with each other. Some of my favorite date nights were spent at home. There is nothing I enjoy more than having a good time with a person that I like in comfy clothes. There are no added expectations, no added pressures and no added fears. I can be myself without worrying about whether or not outside people are watching and judging me. That is what I call freedom. A date nights in are pretty awesome. They give you and your partner a chance to spend uninterrupted time together while also saving money. You can engage in fun and intellectual conversation all while playing cute and interactive games or turning up the volume of your favorite songs in the comfort of your own home. As the night goes on and the conversation starts to die down, the perfect combination of songs can help keep the romantic mood alive.  Music has a way of describing exactly how we feel when we don’t seem to have the right words. The perfect beat with the perfect voice […]

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shayarisms4lovers June18 222 - 25 Best Song Lyrics About Being In Love That'll Hit You Right In The Feels

25 Best Song Lyrics About Being In Love That’ll Hit You Right In The Feels

For those who love love. Music is everywhere, especially pop songs in particular. They’re the soundtrack of our lives and sweet, catchy love songs are always a hit, even if you don’t want to admit it. I know for fact that I wouldn’t be able to function without music. It gets me through the day and I’m so thankful for that. Imagine having to drive around everywhere in silence? Yikes! I’ve loved pop music all my life and most of those songs are about love in one way or another. Our favorite pop songs about being in love do a pretty good job at capturing that feeling and reminding us of the importance of love. You don’t realize it until you’re in love yourself and start listening to the actual lyrics of the songs. Some songs are more upbeat and fun, while others are slower and sweet, but they all show how amazing love is. You’ve probably listened to a handful of these songs on the list and never realized how sweet some of the lyrics are in them. Maybe you were just listening for the tunes, not the words, but pop songs remind us of the importance of love and its impact […]

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shayarisms4lovers mar18 29 - Dil ka dard original shayari made by aacky | Latest hindi Shayari

Dil ka dard original shayari made by aacky | Latest hindi Shayari

Dil ka dard original shayari made by aacky | Latest hindi Shayari video dil ka dard dikana ni cahate, kisi ko kuch batana ni cahate, dil me jo aag jal rahi hai, use bi bujana ni cahate, smma ki sama ronak rahe, usko bi to mitana ni cahate, bus jalte rahe unhi unki yaad me, jinhe hum bulana bi ni cahate, jal jal ke katam ho jaaye caahe, par usko ruswa karna bi nahi cahate, bus dard ko awaj bana ke, sab tak bus pahucaana cahate………….. (from bottom of my heart)….. ============================================= mere ko gam tha, to kya tere ko bi gam tha, agar tha bi to kya mera gam tere gam se kam tha, tha dono ko gam, na kisi ko jayada na kisi ko kam tha, iska kya pata kisko kya gam tha par tha jo bhi wo dono ko kam tha, jo bi gam tha usko sunke ankho ka hona tay nam tha, mere ko gam tha, to kya tere ko bi gam the mera gam kya tere gam se kam tha, mere ko gam tha, mere ko gam tha….. ================================================ Jab apne hi karne lage dohke, Fir kya karu roke, Usse bi to kuch ni hoga, […]

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