shayarisms4lovers June18 263 - An Uknown Girl Part I – Eklavya

An Uknown Girl Part I – Eklavya

Its evening and train departed from Ranchi to Vijayawada and my journey started next morning i think it was about 9:50 am so rush in train and no way to go to washroom even…anyhow i go out when train stop at vishakapatnam and brush my tooth and get ready for one girl entered in my coach at first i ignore her because i am not interested in all these love, friendship and bla,bla. So next she come near to my birth no 23 as 23 no is something but i don’t know what she ask for a place to sit.i gave her a space and i busy in my breakfast i offer her some snacks,as someone is in front of you should ask thats why i do…then she introduce herself and ask me for the same as i dont have any experience about all these i dont know so i start talking about food and my college…thats i dont all these type of food she said you from Jharkhand its very why you come here… I have no answer within all these i was feeling thirsty again and again..she was hungry so my friends offer foods and snacks as i […]

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