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25 Inspirational Quotes To Give You The Courage To Talk To Your Crush On Valentine’s Day

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No time like the present to make a move.

When we let fear control us, we miss out on so many opportunities, especially the opportunity to find love.

Often times we have our eyes set on a special someone, but we talk ourselves out of expressing our feelings for them. We tell ourselves that we are totally out of their league or that we would make a fool out of ourselves as we struggled to find the right words to say.

So, instead of making a move, we sit in the shadows and fantasize about what could be, accepting deep down that it’ll never happen. As time goes by we complain that we haven’t found love, not realizing that the only thing stopping us, is us. It is only once we realize this that we can move forward and get the things we not only want but deserve.

One thing that a lot of us want is love and we deserve to have it.

As Valentine’s day quickly approaches, there is no time like the present to make your move. The person that you’ve been fantasizing about is right within your reach! Force yourself to rid all of your doubt and focus on the good that can come from taking the first step to get what you want.

In deciding to just go for it, you will learn to valuable lessons. The first lesson being that you can do anything you put your mind to; the second lesson being that nothing is nearly as scary as you make yourself believe it is. One moment of bravery can change your life for the better, but you won’t know if you continue to let fear hold you back.

Here are 25 quotes that will help you muster up the courage to talk to your crush. Don’t miss out on your chance to potentially have a valentine this year.

1. You miss all the shots you don’t take.

“Action is the foundational key to all success.” — Pablo Picasso

2. At least you can say you tried.

“Courage is the commitment to begin without any guarantee of success.” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

3. Stop being afraid to make a move.

“If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same

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