shayarisms4lovers June18 75 - Love at First Call

Love at First Call

“You’re 25 now and still single. What a shame!” “What is it you want in a man? You’ll get an old man if the right age surpasses. There won’t be any use of crying over spilt milk.” “It’s a feminine issue, one shouldn’t be so careless.” Khadija was immune to such comments. She was 25 and being single at this age in a Pakistani society was more like a sinful act for girls. It had been years since she had been listening creepy stuffs about her, but the good thing was, she had gotten immune to them all. Her family had been trying to set her up with someone for a few years, but she hadn’t gotten any luck yet. After experiencing three to four years of continuous torture, she was okay with what was happening around her and nothing bothered her anymore. Well, that’s what is easier said than done! That’s what she told herself that she was okay and nothing disturbed her, but deep down, it was killing her. She felt herself draining in depression that made her ill-tempered and grumpy. She spent hours crying alone late at night and gave up on her situation. Being weak wasn’t […]

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shayarisms4lovers mar18 69 - Love Can’t Become Hate

Love Can’t Become Hate

Excerpt: The next day evening he present himself before her. Without speaking a word she went and hug him which was quite unexpected by him. Fight ,fight , and fight… until you find love… Tejus and Athira , a struggling couple who have a glorious love story to say , is in family court now. After listening to both sides the court allowed them a 6 months time to rethink their decision. Not only because of the usual procedure but also court finds Tejus decision as something that made reluctantly. Their story begins from a passport office. Athira was born and brought up as the eldest girl in a lower middle class family. Things were smooth until her father died of a heart attack. She chose to do graduation in Education only because it has  great career opportunities in Middle East. After finishing her graduation, she started working in a private school just to get an experience certificate as it is must in abroad. Athira applied for passport and she got Monday as the date of  passport interview. She took the token number and waited for the Verification process. There she met Thejus, who was assigned to verify her details. […]

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shayarisms4lovers mar18 06 - 20 Romantic Love Quotes That Will Make You Fall In Love All Over Again

20 Romantic Love Quotes That Will Make You Fall In Love All Over Again

Over your honeymoon phase? Don’t give up hope quite yet. Ah, the honeymoon phase. Those were the good old days weren’t they? The moments when the whole world seemed to fade away and there was nothing but your love. You couldn’t wait to get lost in each other’s arms. No worries, just lots of cuddles, late night talks and kissing until your lips were sore… Then came bills, fights, their annoying morning breath, and all the things that make you tick. You still love them to death, but that googly eyes phased has passed, and you’ve accepted it. But you’re wrong. Maybe there will never be anything like those FIRST moments together, but the honeymoon phase doesn’t have to go away forever. You can still live in that beautiful, love-filled world that you once lived in, you just have to remind yourself of how magical it used to feel. What made those first months together so special? Was it the creative dates you had or was it the late night stargazing that you now take for granted? Sometimes we get comfortable in our relationships and that’s what causes the honeymoon phase to end. It’s not always a bad thing, but sometimes […]

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shayarisms4lovers mar18 151 - Crucial Accident !!!

Crucial Accident !!!

Memories of past still imprint in my mind , heart and soul. I could never  forget the incidences that turned my life upside down. Each morning I wake up with  same question, go out on work, return , relax and put off light  remained unanswered. I believe, everyone is alone in their own space where they hardly visit or never plan to return. Life doesn’t change in years of hard work or efforts , if it has to change it will in just fraction of seconds which I  witnessed closely  that night which seems to be more darker that it was. Time was like frozen ice , which  awaits the air of suspense to melt it further. Time never spare you for what you are or what you would like to become, it has it own way to mistreat you , and  Guilt is like steam , impacts much more than real fire. Though its a past , but guilt knock my door every day , smiling on my jeopardy. On 11th June 2016 ,  I turned 54 years. I have achieved almost everything I wished for. I have been successful  entrepreneur in India. In 2013 , I was listed […]

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shayarisms4lovers June18 204 - What is more important in a love marriage – Love or Horoscope matching?

What is more important in a love marriage – Love or Horoscope matching?

I am not a passionate writer but it’s true some life experiences do teach you many new things. A life changing incident happened recently. I was in a serious relationship from last 5 years with a girl who had same position as my parents in my life. I come from a very normal middle class family who has seen many up’s and down entire life and my parents like all parents devoted their everything to make me stand on my feet. So, if anyone thinks I am a rich spoiled brat please, you can meet me personally and see. I believe in making my own destiny and my own kingdom, I am a self-made person who didn’t get anything except love, care and support from my parents. People who know me personally have seen me growing from nothing to something today. I had been good in my studies as one thing always got stuck in my mind that I need to do something for my parents, so when you learn well, you earn well. I had been getting above 90% in my 10th, 12th and college, it did gave me new experiences of life by getting selected in prestigious IISc […]

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shayarisms4lovers mar18 31 - 50 Most Romantic Love Quotes To Use In Your Wedding Vows

50 Most Romantic Love Quotes To Use In Your Wedding Vows

Make your “I do” mean something really, really special. Your wedding vows are some of the most important words you will say in your life. They carry so much meaning and promise that the thought of even putting them down on paper is nerve-wracking. The idea of having to say them to the love of your life in front of your most important people is seventeen thousand times more nerve-wracking. But, all vows are different and just as beautiful if they’re sincere. An old friend of mine had one of the most sincere vows at her wedding. They’re so simple yet meaningful that I had to include them below: “I will never stop telling how you how much I love you. I promise to remind you how handsome you are, how kind and generous you are, and to remind you that you are the most amazing person and father that I’ve ever met in my life. I promise to be your best friend, because you are mine. I vow to be yours, and truly yours, as I have been ever since you sat next to me at our high school lunch table.  In sickness and in health: I promise to take […]

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