shayarisms4lovers June18 257 - What She Suffers

What She Suffers

Wealthy, but childless.

Healthy, but friendless.

Rediculed here and there!

Because the womb is bare. Branded…

Silent at family sittings.

What she suffers, not fitting.

Sits in the garden.

Wonders, am I barren?

“Oh”, she says, ” what a burden”.

What she suffers, not fitting.

Earnest prayers, what she offers.

Answers …she need, …just tommorow.

Her mornings…….. Memories and sorrow.

If possible a baby will she borrow.

What she suffers, not fitting

As she laments, here he comes.

A loving husband. Hash tagged…

What he suffers, not fitting.

In his dreams, he’s called daddy.

Hopefully waiting to foldle a baby someday.

Gently returns from work on Monday.

He knocks… and there is a cry…

Guess what!

Not a baby, its a puppy.

To alleviate her pains,

Sweetly he sings to his heart,

I love you, I love you…

His singing revives her mortal remains…

The love bell sweeps away her pains.

Never to be remembered again …

But for a moment…

What she suffers…

The love of her husband

rains healing to her falling bones.

She never faints… But for…

A moment…

But the pieces of lovely pecks

And kisses from her husbands lips

Stamps simple dimpled smiles on her cheeks…

She responds…

“You are the joy of my life, my husband,

Yes, what I suffer is not fitting

but what I’m offered is soo pleasing”.


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