Moonlight Musings

Why is it so difficult to write erotica? And if it isn’t, please tell me your secret! Sometimes I envy the graphic artists, who don’t need words. Rodin’s The Kiss – here shown in the large marble version rather than the small bronze often photographed – was considered scandalous in its day for being so, well, graphic. I’m not at all inhibited in my speech, and I firmly believe no subject should be taboo to a writer, but if I try to put sex scenes on the page, I can’t figure out how to do it without sounding either crude or ridiculous. I’m better at it in verse than prose, I must admit. It’s easier when I can use metaphor.  For example this one (a notorious poem in its day, which I’m still proud of – but a rarity for me). I actually belong to a facebook group called Erotic Haiku, though I post there fairly seldom because I don’t often write anything applicable. Many of the others who post there are quite explicit. Personally, I don’t always find this a turn-on, but rather stating the obvious. Judging by comments, plenty of others do think the explicit is hot. My […]

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