Tring Tring: Its Love not attachment

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After relaxing holidays with my parents in Himachal Pradesh, I was back to the same routine.  The call rings “Tring Tring”   

I  could hear a soft spoken lady from the other side, who introduced herself as  Mrs. Dasgupta

“Hello Sukanya, I am Mrs. Dasgupta talking from Delhi, I got your contact details from We are looking for a prospective bride for my younger brother Naboneel”

I was neutral. No excitement.  This was quite normal for me. Since the past 12 months I had put my profile on, hoping to find my second life partner.

Every other day I received an alliance related call and it had become an integral part of my daily life. At the point of time, I jotted down a two-page documents regarding my  introduction and it had become byheart, A series of interrogate questions which were generally ask by the perspective alliance, I wanted to be overprepared after my disaster first innings but at this stage I byhearted with my introduction and confidently face the interrogate session.

I walked back home and started my preparation for cookie, which is generally my half time task. Cooking for me  is like stress relief therapy which I normally do after my college hour to relax from my  fully  packed schedule.

Since  it was my first  attempt  to bake cookies, I was bit confused and lost in the subtleties of the process of baking cookies.

As my hands neared the microwave, and I opened its door – came a sound from nowhere.

“Beep Beep”

The msg read  “Ami Naboneel bolchi, Apnar contact details didi tike pelam (Naboneel  speaking, I got your contact details from my elder sister)” I was really surprised!!  A man speaking with so much of respect, I was overwhelmed.

For a few moments Back to my previous phase of my life “Partha my ex-husband who never refer “tumi” to me always use “tui”. Never give respect to me nor to my parents first time ever  heard “Appni” from  man and that touched my heart.


Microwave time alert stop  “and I  smell the aroma of the cookies .

Time flies but memories continue to remain in our heart.

After completing my dinner, Its mother time (The only time where I talk heart to heart with my mother), I discussed my  entire day with her, she is the only woman in my life who listen …

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shayarisms4lovers June18 215 - 25 Hilarious Memes About Work To Cheer You Up On Monday Morning

25 Hilarious Memes About Work To Cheer You Up On Monday Morning

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Totally relatable.

Have you ever had a day where you feel like you don’t want to be at work, where your coworkers are on your last nerve, and you just want to go back to sleep? Don’t lie. We have all been there.

Sometimes all you need is a little laugh and the day will get much better. Sarcasm is the key to your survival.

According to The American Institute of Stress, the main causes of stress include lack of job security is around 6%, 20% is from juggling work and personal lives, 28% is from people issues and 46% of our daily stress is our workload. So, Americans have confirmed in through many studies and surveys that their stress is without a doubt caused by stress, pressures, and fears about their jobs.

In a recent survey, it has indicated that 42% of people are yelled at and suffer from verbal abuse at the workplace, where 65% of workers surveyed say that their stress from work has caused them major problems. Also, 62% of the workers surveyed indicated that they leave work every day with neck pain, 44% said that their eyes get stressed-out the longer they work, 12% also said that their hands hurt with the same number calling in sick because of the stress their job causes. 34% of the workers surveyed said that they have trouble sleeping, but I bet that’s not really accurate, and half of the surveyed worker population say that they skip lunch because they are trying to keep up with the demands of their job.

Don’t get me wrong, some people thrive on urgent, high-stress situations, where others become overwhelmed.

But sarcasm is actually very good to have at the workplace. Scientific American has researched that sarcasm enhances creativity in the office. This is because the brain has to think harder to understand sarcasm than regular speech. In Scientific American, it states that “To either create or understand sarcasm, tone must overcome the contradiction between the literal and actual meanings of the sarcastic expressions. This process that activates, and is facilitated by, abstraction, which in turn promotes thinking.” Pretty cool, huh?

So, here are some funny memes about work that every worker can relate to at some point in their career. Get a good laugh in today and maybe there will be some memes that you can bring to the office to share …

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All He Need Is Love

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Excerpt: Heaven had a desire to saw Ellie at least once. He wanted to confess his love to her, but only after meeting her by face to face.

Heaven and Ellie were chatting on Facebook for three years. Now they were in love with each other. Heaven shared his so many pictures with Ellie while she did not share any picture with him.

So Heaven had a desire to saw Ellie at least once. He wanted to confess his love to her, but only after meeting her by face to face. But whenever Heaven talked about their meeting, Ellie changed the topic. So, he decided to talk to her about this concern. Because now he was fed up with Ellie’s behaviour.

It was Saturday night and Heaven was at his terrace. He was chatting with Ellie.

Heaven: I do not understand that why are you doing this. Can’t you understand? I want to meet you because I want to confess my feelings. You just tell me that whether you want to meet me or not?

Ellie: Of course I want to meet you. But at this time I cannot meet you. please try to understand it.

Heaven: No. Now I do not want to understand anything. You have to come otherwise I will stop talking to you.

Heaven was thinking that after reading this, Ellie would be afraid and then definitely she would come to meet him.
Then Ellie replied to him, Ellie: If that’s the case. Ok then.

After reading this Heaven got happy. He thought that Ellie was ready to come and meet him.
But unfortunately, Ellie gave another reply.

Ellie: If you do not want to talk to me then it’s ok.Goodbye.

Heaven was shocked. He was not expected this from Ellie.
Heaven: Are you mad. You said that you want to meet me. I also want to meet you. What is your problem then? Now I am feeling like I am failed in my love and I am also failed to understand you.

Heaven was very disappointed. He was feeling like he lost his love. He was controlling his tears.
Then Ellie replied to him again.

Ellie: Now I cannot hurt you more than this. I will come tomorrow in the same place as you planned for us at 10 am. Then I will tell you my problem.
After reading this a sudden smile has come …

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