shayarisms4lovers June18 12 - Goose Punches – Part One

Goose Punches – Part One

The first in a series of short independent poems… You can call it a package of micro poems … enjoy! When I see her gravitate towards me. Very uncomfortable I feel. It’s all because of her hills. Not her heels beneath south. But the one pointing east. And the other facing west. It makes me shudder with passion. When her hills quake with violence… @MurtinJuen. Yesterday is a fade. Today is a new cake. Take your blade. Cut your portion. Let’s celebrate. @MurtinJuen. Poetry is noise, sounds and voices. Garnished with words and phrases, shared. With yourself and your world. Your world, your peers. Your world, your lovers and haters. Your ‘huswife’… The audience… @MurtinJuen. I had love for her. She never knew, it was hidden, growing, until. I never knew she wanted me a brother. I never knew she wanted me, not a lover. She had love for me. I  never knew, it was hidden, growing, until. she never knew I wanted her a sister. she never knew I wanted her, not a lover. @MurtinJuen. When my eyes see you through the fire stone. And you still can’t see me love you through the flames. If I meet you again, […]

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