Skype Introduces Background Blur Feature for Video Calls

Skype is still one of the most popular services for professional video calls and video conferencing. Now the company has added an interesting and important feature. Now you don’t need to stress out about cleaning up your room before the next Skype call with your bosses. The video conferencing service has now introduced a blurred background feature, which means that whatever is behind you gets blurred out while you, the participant in that video call, remains in focus. Microsoft is adding this feature to Skype, some months after it introduced this to another service called Microsoft Teams. In Skype, all you need to do is select the select “blur my background” option to activate this for the duration you leave this option enabled. The background blur feature in Skype and Teams rely on artificial intelligence (AI) which has been trained in human form detection and is used to keep the person in focus during the call. The detection is trained to understand human hair, hands, skin, facial contours, and limbs, and constantly analyses the surroundings basis the movement of the person on the call screen, to keep the rest of the background blurred. But all this does come with a […]

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