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25 Best Quotes & Funny Memes From Stand-Up Comedian, Jerry Seinfeld

He turned a show about nothing into something.

Who is Jerry Seinfeld? Jerry Seinfeld is an American stand-up comedian, actor, writer and producer best known for his work on the 90s hit sitcom Seinfeld. Through his comedy work over the years, he has given us plenty of funny quotes and memes as well.

Jerry started his career off modestly at open mic nights in the late 70s, eventually appearing on The Tonight Show in 1981. He got his own television special in 1987. Following that, Jerry paired up with fellow comedian Larry David to develop a show for NBC and alas, Seinfeld was born in 1989.

Since his huge success with Seinfeld, Jerry has written the New York Times Best-Seller SeinLanguage in 1993 and continued to do more stand-up comedy shows later that decade. He also co-wrote, and starred in Bee Movie as the voice of Barry B. Benson in 2007.

Seinfeld married his wife, Jessica Seinfeld, in 1999, who he shared three children with — Sascha, Julian, and Shepherd.

Recently, Jerry Seinfeld has mostly focused on his show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, which began in 2012 and was picked up by Netflix last year.

In 2018, the actor became caught up in a bit of a scandal over the show. He was sued for allegedly stealing the idea for Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. According to TMZ, Seinfeld was sued by producer Christian Charles, who claims that Jerry stole the idea from him — or at least he claims they came up with the project together.

Seinfeld’s lawyer released a statement saying that, “Jerry independently created Comedians In Cars and Mr. Charles only concocted this claim after the show became a commercial success. We are confident that this shakedown lawsuit will go nowhere,” the outlet reported at the time.

This year, Jerry will continue to do his stand-up comedy live at specific venues. The next season of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee will be released later this year, along with two new stand up shows. All of these will be available on Netflix.

Plus, according to a recent interview Jerry Seinfeld did on Ellen, he’s not opposed to the idea of a Seinfeld reboot. There’s hope, fellow Seinfeld fans!

Seinfeld the series has influenced society by making us think and making us laugh, even if it is “about nothing”. For Jerry Seinfeld himself, …

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