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25 Unforgettable Mark Twain Quotes From His Books About Love And The Meaning Of Life

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Mark Twain has so funny and wise words about life and love.

Mark Twain was born under the name Samuel Langhorne Clemens, on November 30, 1935 in a town called Florida, Missouri. He was one of seven children, but only 4 of them lived past the age of 9.

When he was four years old, his family moved to a town called Hannibal, Missouri. It was a small town on the river, that served as the inspiration for the fictional town St. Petersburg in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

His father, a lawyer and a Judge, died in 1847 when Twain was 11. When he turned 12, he left school to become an apprentice to a printer. A few years later he began to contribute some writings and comics to the Hannibal Journal. The Hannibal Journal was owned by his older brother, Orion.

When Mark Twain turned 18 years old, he began traveling all over the country and joined the International Typography Union.

All of this was supposed to lead him to success in his greatest aspiration: to be a steamboat pilot. He began got his license and began to work as what was referred to as a “cub pilot”. He eventually convinced his younger brother, Henry to come work with him. In 1953, there was an explosion in the boiler room, where Henry sustained many injuries that eventually led to his death a week later. Twain said that he had foreseen his brothers death in a dream and that lean him to study parapsychology, the study of paranormal and psychic activity.

After his brothers accident, Twain was filled with guilt, eventually causing him to quit piloting all together.

He began writing for newspapers before finally getting published. He wrote a few travel pieces before he began work on his first novel. He eventually published The Guilded Age: A Tale of Today, his first attempt at a novel, also Twain’s only collaboration as he co-wrote it with Charels Dudley Warner.

His next major publication was the Adventures Of Tom Sawyer, which made him a household name. After that he went on to write The Prince and the Pauper, The Adventures of Huckelberry Finn, Life on the Mississippi, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court, and many, many more.

He also before he died, published his own autobiography.

Twain …

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25 Best Quotes & Funny Memes About Writing To Celebrate National Author’s Day

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November 1, 2018 is National Author’s Day.

What’s the first book you remember reading? The first book you couldn’t put down? How about the first book that made you cry? Or the one that taught you that life wasn’t always fair?

We all have a book like this in our lives. And we owe it all to our favorite authors. I say a national day of recognition is well deserved. And what better way to celebrate than to read and share the best quotes and funny memes about writing out there.

National Author’s Day originated with Nellie Verne Burt Mcpherson in 1928. As she was recovering in a hospital during WWI, she wrote a letter to her favorite author, Irving Bacheller. In response, Bacheller sent her an autographed copy of another story he recently penned. To show her appreciation, Mcpherson submitted the idea for National Author’s Day to the General Federation of Women’s Clubs.

First observed in 1949, November 1 became the official day to honor the authors we love and celebrate their life’s work.

The authors who write the books we love, teach us invaluable lessons about life beyond the four walls that surround us. Their words enrich our lives and prepare us to venture out into the world. They teach us how to make wise decisions and show us the consequences of not doing so. They remind us to go forth into the world with empathy, kindness, and an open mind.

Authors stir our emotions with the stories they weave. They can make our hearts sing or scare us in the deep reaches of our souls, and we are ever so grateful for it.

So how can you show your appreciation to your favorite storytellers? First, you can do the 2018 equivalent to writing a letter, and send a tweet or a funny meme to your favorite author. Let them know how their writing has positively impacted your life.

Some other suggestions include: re-reading your favorite book, or perhaps even purchasing one for someone special and share the love.

Incidentally, November 1 is also the start of National Novel Writing Month, maybe it’s time you started your own novel.

1. I hate the silent treatment.

“Writer’s Block: When your imaginary friends refuse to talk to you.” – Unknown

2. See also: concussion.

“Create: verb, The act of banging your head on the desk until something interesting pops

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