shayarisms4lovers June18 259 - My Lost Love.. BooBoo – Celina Sharma

My Lost Love.. BooBoo – Celina Sharma

Friends, today I’ll be telling you my story. My name is Celina. This is the story of my life, a very true heartbreaking story that brings tears to my eyes just by thinking what happen with me. My name is Celina and today I will be sharing my story with you guys, this story is obviously related to me and with the Love of my Life Booboo. Me and Booboo met in 2016, we started off as strangers and over time became very good friends. We were really close as friends and I was in a Toxic relationship at the time. I had my ups and downs with the guy I was dating by the name of Rohit.. Eventually that ended. Booboo was there to help me, support me, and guide me through it all. Over time, I started growing feelings for Booboo, started thinking about him more than just a best friend. We were spending a lot of time together, hours upon hours sitting in the car, chatting, talking, so of course without a doubt my feelings for him grow harder and faster than ever. On the day of February 14 2018, Valentine’s Day which I was suppose to […]

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shayarisms4lovers June18 285 - One Sided Love: Never completes – Vicky sharma

One Sided Love: Never completes – Vicky sharma

Mein yr haryana, jind ka rhne vala banda hu… sb,ki trah mujhe fb whatsapp ki bimari thi… tym ne aise mari ki kya btaun … jis ladki se pyar uska nam to m ni bta sakta but yar vo bdi santy sweet  or cute h… roj kisi baat pe mood kharab rahta tha uska… 1 din me group me bat kr raha tha vhi meri ek friend ne use add kiyA …mujhe vo bdi interesting lgi to maine use request send krdi hum dheere dheere ache dost bn gye but m uski cute baato ki traf attract hone lga …mujhe usse pyar hone lgA tha par maine use kbi kha nahi isi darr se khi vo mujhe block na karde … ek din maine usse,uska number leliys par m usse kisi bi bhane se çall krdeta … m bhot khush tha ek din usne btaya ki usks koi boyfriend h jiska nam rahul h maine tbi phone band krdiya par me usse baat kiye bina ni rh paya … usne pucha ki us tym muje kya ho gya tha maine battery low hone ka bahana kiya par vo smajh gyi thi pr kch boli ni… fir text kiye usne fb […]

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