shayarisms4lovers mar18 11 - Feel My Pain

Feel My Pain

By DP Too young to communicate what’s going through my brain My lips move, but words, they never seem to escape Am I f****d up? Or am I just too young to communicate my pain? My pops isn’t the blame! As a child, I was just too ashamed to share my pain I’m all grown […]

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shayarisms4lovers June18 235 - Penitentiary’s Soul

Penitentiary’s Soul

Penitentiary’s therapy Thriller of the cage; Or is it rage? An emaciated man covered in a crimson crown, head unbowed. Stall-fed verifier Subsisting on other’s tears Or is it fear? Herculean beastly forearm. Crisscrossed with scars; Each slice a clash With weakness. IN the center of your pain. IN the center of your fear. Penance […]

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