shayarisms4lovers June18 75 - Love at First Call

Love at First Call

“You’re 25 now and still single. What a shame!” “What is it you want in a man? You’ll get an old man if the right age surpasses. There won’t be any use of crying over spilt milk.” “It’s a feminine issue, one shouldn’t be so careless.” Khadija was immune to such comments. She was 25 and being single at this age in a Pakistani society was more like a sinful act for girls. It had been years since she had been listening creepy stuffs about her, but the good thing was, she had gotten immune to them all. Her family had been trying to set her up with someone for a few years, but she hadn’t gotten any luck yet. After experiencing three to four years of continuous torture, she was okay with what was happening around her and nothing bothered her anymore. Well, that’s what is easier said than done! That’s what she told herself that she was okay and nothing disturbed her, but deep down, it was killing her. She felt herself draining in depression that made her ill-tempered and grumpy. She spent hours crying alone late at night and gave up on her situation. Being weak wasn’t […]

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shayarisms4lovers June18 51 - 21 Of The Most Inspiring Quotes For Parents Raising Adopted Kids

21 Of The Most Inspiring Quotes For Parents Raising Adopted Kids

Take these to heart. If you’re in the adoption sphere, then you already know there are some major differences between parenting an adopted child and a biological child. Learning about these differences often causes fear and insecurities in adoptive parents, but, as these brilliant parenting quotes and pieces of parenting advice from experts show, these fears have little to do with the differences between raising an adopted child or a biological kid. In fact, the differences aren’t the issue at all. The issue lies in your ability as an adoptive parent to cope with them. Here are 21 of the best parenting quotes and pieces of advice all adoptive parents should know: 1. Deal with your past. “The best gift an adoptive couple can give their child is to work through their own issues of abandonment and loss [ … which] greatly affect[s] how they act and react in their relationship to their child.” — Nancy Verrier From one of the best adoption books on the market, Nancy Verrier’s overarching message is that before you try to fix your child’s issues, you need to clean up your own past in order to be an effective parent. 2. Check your perspective. […]

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shayarisms4lovers June18 252 - Family Picture

Family Picture

By LC After Slugg: A Boy’s Life in the Age of Mass Incarceration by Tony Lewis Jr. There’s something missing with this picture As I wake onto a random day In a random hood In a random city In America I listen Listen to the voice of my mother Shouting down the bickering of my Little sister and little brother But there’s something missing So I look Look to find my auntie on the couch With my baby cousin in hand Look out the window to find the neighborhood junkie But he is not the MAN I’m looking for See that man has been gone for years Gone from this family’s struggles Gone from being this family’s muscle Gone from this family’s daily hustle Ironic that I used that last word ‘cause HUSTLE is what got him sentenced To no return, L.I.F.E. So my father is what’s missing with this picture My uncle too And to every other black child In a random hood In a random city In America I’m just like you too.

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