shayarisms4lovers June18 259 - Upside Down Moments | A Poem by P.K. Deb

Upside Down Moments | A Poem by P.K. Deb

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Ever-biting alcoholic molecules are poured in a glass
As a fool rides on his self-made upside down moments
Of hesitation and tension, he is not to be conscious
The memories are to be suspended for which he laments.

As the colourful glass is lifted near to his lips to sip
Heart becomes scared and raises its palpitation,
Nevertheless, alcohol is poured in to the deep
Of his mouth to suffer its biting with no hesitation.

The poor tongue and its mouth-mates shrivel in ache
Start weeping for help and instant relief,
Ignoring it behind alcohol reaches to stomach
With liquid fire and fills it with pain and grief.

The courageous and helpful blood cells attend in hurry
Start absorbing the poisonous molecules and pain
Stomach gets both relief and stain of alcoholic injury
But the blood cells rush as the biting they also gain.

Heart, liver, pancreas and kidney-the life organs
Become restless as alcohol bites them with stain
Hence, abnormal they become in their performance
And all together push the blood up to the brain.

For the locks of all organs, the brain is the master key
Gets extra- pressure as the blood waves rush to it
Becomes very scared and escapes to the knee
For normal duty where it is absolutely unfit.

Hence it produces illusions and sends to the fool
Makes him happy as the weeping was unheard
Composes a temporary heaven with his alcoholic tool
And becomes flexible physically and mentally smart.

Heart snatches excessive emotions from the brain
So the fool laughs, cries and roars with no grammar
The same lunatic process continues again and again,
Makes him unconscious as the brain gets a hammer.

No one is allowed to disturb him, even the dream
only flies are around his face, landing and flying,
May God bless him and bring him to the right-stream
as he is supposed to support his family from destroying.…

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shayarisms4lovers June18 81 - 20 Love Poems To Help You Win Back Her Love

20 Love Poems To Help You Win Back Her Love

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You can’t lose with these.

Sometimes, when you break up with someone, the love you have for them still stays strong — so you do what you can to try to win them back.

Wooing an old lover may seem like a difficult task. What can you possibly do to steal her heart again?

You could try to make a romantic statement by running after her at a train station or airport (like in the movies!). But unless she’s traveling soon, you won’t get many opportunities for that.

You could throw pebbles at her bedroom window to get her to talk to you. But that’s something that’s only romantic in movies and sort of creepy in real life.

When it comes to sweeping someone off their feet, sometimes it’s the small things that count.

Love poems are a great way to let someone know how you feel about them. They are short, simple, and to-the-point.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to be Shakespeare to win her over. You can send her poems from one of our favorite poets, from Lang Leav to Robert Browning.

So, continue reading below for some short, sweet love poems that will be sure to win her over.

1. Tell her what she is to you.

You are the finest, loveliest, tenderest, and most beautiful person i have ever known — and even that is an understatement.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald

2. Tell her how much you miss her.

“To know that I miss you so much when you leave; to know that I need you like the air that I breathe. To know that I want you with a passion so blind, is to know that I love you — with no doubt it my mind.” — Lang Leav

3. Tell her that you can’t go on without her.

“I never fully realized what it meant to hurt (to truly hurt) until I wanted you to such a great extent, only to have no other choice but to convince myself that I didn’t.”

4. Tell her you still think of her.

“I still search for you in crowds, in empty fields and soaring clouds. In city lights and passing cars, on winding roads and wishing stars. I wonder where you could be now, for years I’ve not said your name out loud. And long since I called you mine — time has passed for …

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Heaven Defines You

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Heaven defines and crowns you with glory

That glory should be your story

You were made in His perfect and flawless image

You are an embodiment of great potentials

In Him, at age one-sixty, you will be relevant

God has provisions in ample abundance

To fill your lack, starving barns and cans

Why worry? Oh! You His Beloved son

Relax, enjoy your days in Jesus and grow one-ninety.

Excuse yourself, Sir-madam, be no longer dirty.

Do this with a focus on Yeshua, the Gracious:

In the morning acknowledge the Creator in a Phrase.

Salute Him during noon for he brightens your day.

You may prefer a nap to a snack

A snack before a nap. Whichever way

Forget not, he will embrace and erase every disgrace.

If you have to say, splash your words with grace

Then in the evening, in the cool of the day,

Release His praise as you acknowledge that

He’s the light, never goes out.

Do this and invite hope and strength that wears not out

Because of Him your tag shall be, “a faithful servant.”

You are part of heaven’s definition of beauty.

Made in His perfect and flawless image

A holy nation. A special people.

Be you…Wonderfully made…

You are defined with the eyes not on your face

But with the vision of His Grace

Live It!


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Blind Judges

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They won’t stop mocking you, friend.

Because they see not the glorious end.

Situations working for good has blinded them.

Don’t turn. Keep moving.

Jesus, the reason for a good decision.

The wise man to probe, invite Him. Our strength.

The antidote to hopelessness today.

Capable, Dependable. The owner of hay.

Connect to Him your dreams, visions, aspirations.

He can, with compassion, fuel your passions into victory.

And sit you in the ‘london’ of resting victors.

Remember, He conquered the dirty grave.

And gave countless helpless men reasons to launch their praise.

Am included.

You are no exception. You deserve no exemption… because

You are a beloved son

Last year… tears… but crawling moments are here.

You, surely, shall phrase your own praise.

Heaven has reasons for you to announce your saving grace.

Amazing Grace. Answers to questions. He’s risen.

The why behind our passions – the babies of His love.

Like Him, our heavy pains, surely, shall slowly explode heavier gains.

Glory. Hallelujah!!

One has a burden. Another is barren.

Blind Judges are condemning. It’s killing.

But know, Jesus was, before ‘Adam in the garden’.

Why aren’t we knowing? Cast your burdens.

He’s calling, Be still… Hear.

You won’t want to fear and worry with aimless bottles of beer…

Because… your Living Helper is here.

Able to answer your thirst. Cheers!

He’s closer and nearer than….. that ugly friend, Fear…

Let Him hunt you… ignore their judgments.

And let praise be your assignment…


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shayarisms4lovers June18 56 - 30 Best Liz Newman Poems About Life Changes, Growth And Metamorphosis

30 Best Liz Newman Poems About Life Changes, Growth And Metamorphosis

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Spring is a time for big life changes.

If there is anything in this life that truly embodies the beauty of rebirth and new beginnings, it’s springtime. Sometimes it comes slow, sometimes it bursts forth suddenly, but springtime always makes its entrance in one way or another.

Spring has a way of lifting our spirits in ways we understand and ways we don’t. What’s special about a new season – especially springtime – is that it truly is a renaissance. After months of shorter days, colder weather, and death and decay all around us, our entire world is bursting forth into buds and blooms before our eyes.

It sounds cliché, but it’s always surreal hearing birds chirping for the first time after the seasons change. You never really think about it, but that moment you realize that there’s actual flowers on the trees outside and birds singing in the mornings, it kind of wakes you up, not just physically, but emotionally, as well.

Not only are we constantly in a cycle of changing seasons, but we all experience our own seasons of change, as well. There are times in your life when you fall in love for the first time, start the job of your dreams, move to a new city, and start your own family.

But just as we move from one season to the next, we all deal with not-so-happy seasons of change, too.

Your first heartbreak, a big failure, getting fired, feeling like you’ve hit rock bottom – the list goes on.

But even when you do feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, and even when you feel like you have no fight left in you, that’s when the seasons change, and the flowers start to bloom again. It might come slowly, or things might change before you know it, but we all get second chances (and third and fourth) in life to dust ourselves off and try again.

Time is meaningless, after all. You don’t have to be someone or do something in a certain amount of time for it to count. Whether you’re dealing with heartbreak, loss, new experiences, or success, you have all the time in the world to grow, learn, and start over.

As long as you believe in yourself, anything is possible. But sometimes, simply knowing that you have these seeds of change inside you isn’t enough. Sometimes, you need someone to …

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Holi Love Shayari, Hindi Poems and Holi Messages

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The celebration that welcomes the spring is the festivals related to colors and it is known as Holi. The inceptions of this celebration are covered in the puzzle with various individuals crediting it to various legends. Some credit it to the fiendishness Holika who endeavoured to consume her nephew in the fire however got singed rather, some say that Krishna used to energetically spread shading on Radha while he was seeking her, others talk about the forfeit of Kama Deva, the Hindu rendition of Cupid, who relinquished himself to stop Shiva’s wrath, that were throwing the world into mayhem. Water balloons and pichkaris (water firearms) are utilized to splash individuals or drench them with water affectionately and is also wickedly spread on garments and faces aimlessly. The night prior to the Holi, a campfire is lit and likenesses of Holika are burned. Everybody wish each other by saying Happy Holi to each other. In this post we are sharing beautiful cute Holi love shayari for girlfriend, happy Holi love status for boyfriend, Holi love images for lover, Holi poems on love, romantic Holi love messages and quotes with HD images.

Happy Holi Love Shayari for Girlfriend Boyfriend

रंग गुलाबी लगाऊ तो भी कैसे, मेहबूब का तो गाल ही गुलाबी हैं.

बाँहो‬ मे भरकर पूछा था ‪उन्होंने‬….!!!
कौन‬ सा रंग लगाँऊ ‪‎तुमहे‬…!!!
हमने भी ‪कह‬ दिया …!!
मुझे‬ Sirf…!!! Tumhare ‪होठो‬ का रंग पसंद है..!!!

मोहब्बत के रंग तुम पर बरसा देंगे आज,
आपने प्यार की बौछार से तुम्हे भीगा देंगे आज,
तुम पे बस निशान हमारे ही दिखेंगे,
कुछ इस तरह रंग तुम्हे लगा देंगे आज…

उस गुलाबी चाँद के चेहरे पे थोड़ा सा रंग लगा देते,
तुम जो पास होते तो हम भी होली मना लेते।

भीगा के तुझे पानी में,
तेरे साथ भीग जाना है,
होकर रंगों से रंगीन आज,
अपने गालो से रंग तेरे गालो पे लगाना है…

आ तुझे रंगों से भीगा दे जरा,
तुझे प्यार के रंग लगा दे जरा,
करीब आये तेरे रंग लगाने,
और किसी बहाने से सीने से लगा ले जरा..

रंग देंगे तुम्हें, अपनी मुहब्बत के रंग में होली पर
ये जो इश्क़ का महीना बीत गया तो क्या हुअा

होली के इस त्यौहार को, समझो मेरे प्यार को,
यह त्यौहार है मेरे सच्चे प्यार का इजहार,
रंगों के त्यौहार में सभी रंगों की हो भरमार,
ढेर सारी खुशियों से भरा हो आपका संसार,
यही दुआ है भगवन से हमारी …

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shayarisms4lovers June18 276 - ज़माने ने मुझे चोट दी है – दुःख व् गहराई भरी कविता

ज़माने ने मुझे चोट दी है – दुःख व् गहराई भरी कविता

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चले हैं लोग मैं रस्ता हुआ हूं
मुद्दत से यहीं ठहरा हुआ हूं

ज़माने ने मुझे जब चोट दी है
मैं जिंदा था नहीं जिंदा हुआ हूं

मैं पहले से कभी ऐसा नहीं था
मैं तुमको देखकर प्यारा हुआ हूं

मैं कागज सा न फट जाऊं
ए लोगो उठाओ ना मुझे भीगा हुआ हूं

मेरी तस्वीर अपने साथ लेना
अभी हालात से सहमा हुआ हूं

कभी आओ इधर मुझको समेटो
मैं तिनकों सा कहीं बिखरा हुआ हूं

चलो अब पूछना तारों की बातें
अभी मैं आसमां सारा हुआ हूं

मुसलसल बात तेरी याद आई गया
वो वक़्त मैं उलझा हुआ हूं

बुरा कोई नहीं होता जन्म से
मुझे ही देख लो कैसा हुआ हूं

ज़माने ने मुझे जितना कुरेदा
मैं उतना और भी गहरा हुआ हूं

~ सुरेश सांगवान (saru)…

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Hindi Gazal

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अगर आप शायरी और ग़ज़ल प्रेमी हैं तो आपके इस लेख में एक से बढ़कर एक अच्छी अच्छी ग़ज़ल या लम्बी शायरिया पढ़ने को मिलेगी| सभी गज़ले बहुत ही प्रसिद्ध कवियों द्वारा लिखी गयी हैं जो की दिल की गहराईयो को छूती हैं

Hindi Gazal By Famous Poet

Hindi Gazal

1) मुक्कमल किताब हूँ Gazal on Mohabbat

मुक्कमल किताब हूँ
तेरी ही अल्फ़ाज़ हूँ
अधूरा सा खुआब हूँ
पर लाजवाब हूँ
सपनो में जो आई थी
बस जरा सा मुस्कुराई थी
ये देख दिल खुशगवार हुआ
फिर मिलने का जिंदगी भर इंतज़ार हुआ
बे इख़्तेयार प्यार हुआ
न मेरा इज़हार हुआ
न उसका इंकार हुआ
फिर महबूब मेराज हुआ
सारी मोहब्बत एक राज़ हुआ
फिर ये मुकम्मल किताब हुआ||
~Meraj Ibn Sami

2) Kabhi Shabnam Jagjit Singh Gazal

कभी गुंचा कभी शोला कभी शबनम की तरह,
लोग मिलते हैं बदलते हुए मौसम की तरह,

मेरे महबूब मेरे प्यार को इलज़ाम न दे,
हिज्र में ईद मनाई है मुहर्रम की तरह,

मैंने खुशबू की तरह तुझको किया है महसूस,
दिल ने छेड़ा है तेरी याद को शबनम की तरह,

कैसे हमदर्द हो तुम कैसी मसीहाई है,
दिल पे नश्तर भी लगाते हो तो मरहम की तरह
~Jagjit Singh

3) Intaha aaj Ishque Ki Kar Di Gazal in Hindi Lyrics

इंतहा आज इश्क़ की कर दी
आपके नाम ज़िन्दगी कर दी

था अँधेरा ग़रीब ख़ाने में
आपने आ के रौशनी कर दी

देने वाले ने उनको हुस्न दिया
और अता मुझको आशिक़ी कर दी

तुमने ज़ुल्फ़ों को रुख़ पे बिखरा कर
शाम रंगीन और भी कर दी!!
~Jagjit Singh

4) आपके दिल ने हमें आवाज दी Best Hindi Gazal

आपके दिल ने हमें आवाज दी हम आ गए
हमको ले आई मोहब्बत आपकी हम आ गए

अपने आने का सबब हम क्या बताएँ आपको
बैठे बैठे याद आई आपकी हम आ गए

हम है दिलवाले भला हम पर किसी का ज़ोर क्या
जायेंगे अपनी ख़ुशी अपनी ख़ुशी हम आ गए

कहिये अब क्या है चराग़ों की ज़रुरत आपको
लेके आँखों में वफ़ा की रौशनी हम आ गए
~Jagjit Singh

5) Tera Chahera Jagjit Sing Hindi Gazal

तेरा चेहरा है आईने जैसा
क्यों न देखूँ है देखने जैसा

तुम कहो तो मैं पूछ लूँ तुमसे
है सवाल एक पूछने जैसा

दोस्त मिल जाएँगे कई लेकिन
न मिलेगा कोई मेरे जैसा

तुम अचानक मिले थे जब पहले
पल नही है वो भूलने जैसा
~Jagjit Singh

6) Meri Aadat Jagjit Gazal

काँटों से दामन उलझाना …

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shayarisms4lovers June18 250 - Chand – Ajay

Chand – Ajay

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गंगा की शांत सतह पे वो एकादसी का चंद्रमा
घाटों पे लगा वो नौंको का डेरा
सीढ़ियों पे बैठे हम भी कुछ शांत से ही है
लेकिन मन को है पानी के लथेड़ों ने घेरा
मेरा मन भी है गंगा की गहराइयां लिए
बाते बहुत सी दबी है अंगड़ाइयाँ लिए…
मैं भी वो चाँद होना चाहता हूँ ,
खुला आसमान होना चाहता हूँ ,
फिर मन में एक ख्याल आया कि
चाँद भी तो है आकाश में तनहाइयाँ लिए ।
दूर उस पार एक छोटी सी रोशनी नज़र आ रही है
धुंध के बीच कुछ धुंधली सी नज़र आ रही है
फिर भी बार-बार नज़रे वही जा रहीं है
क्योंकि वही तो एक चीज़ है
जो उस पार से भी अँधेरो को चीरती हुई आ रही है ।
शायद ये रोशनी होना ही सही होगा
गम रूपी अँधेरो को चीरना ही सही होगा
चाँद से उसकी चाँदनी को उधार लेके
सितारों में खुद को खोजना ही सही होगा ।…

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Top 7 Happy Republic Day ( गणतंत्र दिवस कविता ) Poems in Hindi

गणतंत्र दिवस पर कविताए : Read And Share Best Republic Day Poetries in Hindi. Great Collection Of Hindi Poems on Republic Day.

happy republic day background with abstract indian flag 1302 485 - Top 7 Happy Republic Day ( गणतंत्र दिवस कविता ) Poems in Hindi

1. Best poem on 26 january in hindi


हर तरफ देखो लग रहा,

“जय हिन्द” का नारा है.।

लिए तिरंगा हाथ मे देश,

झूम रहा आज सारा है.।

आओ कि आया “राष्ट्र पर्व”

गणतंत्र हमारा है.।

नमन “माँ भारती” तुझे,

दिया राष्ट्र पर्व प्यारा है.।

2. New Happy Republic Day Poems in Hindi

आओ करे प्रतिज्ञा हम सब

इस पावन गणतन्त्र दिवस पर

हम सब बापू के आदर्शों

को अपनायेगे

नया समाज बनायेंगे

भारत माँ के वीर सपूतों

के बलिदानों को हम

व्यर्थ न जानें देंगे

जाति ,धर्म के भेदभाव से

ऊपर उठकर

नया समाज बनायेंगे

आजादी को मिले हुये

है अब अड़सठ साल

क्या सही मायनों में

हम आजादी के अर्थों

को समझ पायें है

क्या बापू के आदर्शों को

अपना पायें है

अंग्रजो की गुलामी से

निकल कर हम

क्या जाति, धर्म , गरीबी ,भष्टाचार

जैसे मुद्दों से लड़ पाये है

आओ आज करे प्रतिज्ञा हमसब

जो गरीब के घर न जले चूल्हा

तो हम भी निवाला नहीं खायें

बीनता कचरा जो बचपन

हम देखें

रातों को हम भी न सो पायें

शहीद सैनिको के परिवारों को

देख बिलखता

हम भी खामोश न रह पाये

मिलकर साथ आओ हमसब

करे प्रतिज्ञा आज

इस पावन गणतन्त्र दिवस पर

हम बापू के आदर्शों

को अपनाये

3. Republic Day Poetry Messages in Hindi

बस इस तिरंगे की पहचान को देखना….

कभी इन पत्थरों पर चल के देखना…

कभी इस मिट्टी की खुशबू महसूस करके देखना…

है हर चाल मे कितना प्यार, कभी आजमा के देखना…

बॅस इस तिरंगे की पहचान को देखना….

जो अपने प्राणो की बलि चढ़ाई उनके परिवार को देखना…

उन सिपाहियो की माँ के गीले चुनरी के पल्लू को देखना…

उनके घर के किसी कोने मे बुझे दीये की आस को देखना …

उनके आँगन मे गूंजते वन्दे मातरम को सुनना…

बस इस तिरंगे की पहचान को देखना….

थोड़ी दीये की लौ खुद के दिल में भी जलाओ…

किसी के आंसुओं की कीमत तुम भी जानो…

ऐसा कर जाओ की खाली न जाए वो हुई कुर्बानियां…

मिट्टी के हर कण-कण में वन्दे मातरम सुनाई दे जाए…

बस इस तिरंगे की पहचान को देखना….

इसके तीनो रंगो की पहचान को देखना…

एक हाथ मे गीता रखना दूजे हाथ आज क़ुरान रखना…

मज़हब जाती भाषा की दीवार न हो इसका ख्याल रखना…

प्यार और देशभक्ति की चुनर

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shayarisms4lovers June18 87 - 25 Best Quotes By Poet Marc P. Robinson That Will Leave You Heartbroken & Inspired

25 Best Quotes By Poet Marc P. Robinson That Will Leave You Heartbroken & Inspired

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Sometimes, it’s easy to be more supportive of and loving to our friends and family than we are to ourselves. But love goes both ways, and no one knows that better than writer and Instagram poet, Marc P. Robinson. His poetry and quotes seem to reflect his deep understanding of how important it is to cherish love in all of its forms.

So, if you’re ever in need of an inspiration fix or just a reminder to live your own life, do your own thing, and always make room for self-love and self-acceptance, Marc P. Robinson’s poetry is the way to go.

1. Learn to forgive yourself again and again.

“Whether he knew it or not, the life he lived was his penance. Punishing himself, for what he believes are his sins. Consciously or subconsciously, he creates the world he lives in. Never believing that he is deserving happiness, deserving joy. His self-destructive nature, in his eyes, and his eyes only, is justified. Everyone is deserving absolution, but he needs to understand, that he is the only one able to forgive himself.” – Marc P. Robinson

2. Dare to find love again, even when your heart has been broken.

“You are a constant. Forever in my mind; forever in my heart. It seems that most matter how much I try I can’t get rid of you. You are a thorn, stuck in deep; painful to remove, and even when I do, still I’ll bleed and feel the soreness. It will take time, but it will heal. No matter the pain, I will still dare to pick roses.” – Marc P. Robinson

3. Face adversity with a smile on your face. You got this.

“It’s not the adversity, but how you face it.” – Marc P. Robinson

4. Break free from the chains you place on yourself.

“When it comes to the story of my heart, I am the villain, locking it away; denying its right be free. The chains are tight, restricting its growth; long enough to see through the window of opportunity, but the only escape it has, is via the pen. Why do I deny myself the opportunities? I know it comes from a place of protection, but also of fear. I think my heart has grown a resentment because of this betrayal, and has decided, enough is enough.” – Marc P. Robinson

5. Stay true to who

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shayarisms4lovers mar18 61 - 50 Best Tattoo Quotes & Short Inspirational Sayings For Your Next Ink

50 Best Tattoo Quotes & Short Inspirational Sayings For Your Next Ink

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Short inspirational tattoo ideas and designs to keep you motivated every single day.

Getting tattoos are often so important and meaningful to a person so why not ink an inspirational quote? Tattoos can be done spontaneously or planned out specifically, so let us give you some inspiration for your next one.

Whether you choose a quote tattoo that you love from the list below and plan to go within a month, or you happen to remember one of the following quotes when its a Friday night tattoo roulette kind of night, there’s plenty of ideas to get some great designs flowing for a one-of-a-kind piece of art to put right on your skin.

You can pull from these inspirational quotes for other reasons apart from tattoos as well.

These are timeless quotes that won’t go out of style and can be relevant for the rest of your tattoo’s life.

If you are getting your first tattoo, consider one of these timeless quotes for your first so that it can be a wise choice when you show your mom three years after you get it. Getting your first tattoo is a huge deal, so choosing what you want to be inked on your skin is important.

Take into account something that won’t be silly when you are older as well! While a giant cartoon dog face on your back may be cute when you are 19, think about when you are 45 and headed to the pool or beach with your family. Think about if you want this tattoo to be visible at that age of your life and on. While you can get a tattoo removed, the process is longer and more expensive (and painful!) than getting the tattoo in the first place — so be cautious.

Also, let’s agree to never get a boyfriend or girlfriend’s name tattooed … because we saw what happened with Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson so now we can learn from their mistakes.

Keep on reading to find out what inspirational quotes and tattoo sayings that you can get inked on your body! Have fun and be creative!

1. Holding Hands arm tattoo.

(holding hands)

2. Dreamy arm tattoo.

Don’t dream your life live your dream

3. Moon tattoo on your shoulder.

Even the moon, master of the sea, illuminator of the night, has her creators 

4. Kind wrist tattoo.

Be kind to yourself

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shayarisms4lovers June18 262 - You’re My Reason for Living | A Poem by Joseph Romano

You’re My Reason for Living | A Poem by Joseph Romano

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Every placed I go your fair face beams.
You are a beautiful woman, you’re the woman of my dreams.
Your heart is loving and tender and forever forgiving.
You’re the reason I’m here, you’re my reason for living.
You opened your heat and gave me a new life.
Then you made me the happiest the day you became my wife.
And just when I thought you made me the happiest man in the world.
You presented us both with a new baby girl.

And just when I thought we had all the happiness and joy.
You presented us both with a new baby boy.…

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