A Young Black Prince Dream

By HC Young black prince living in a world that don’t recognize your presence, your existence feeling the wrath of your resistance, seeing the hate in your eyes from morning and evening news lies. Young black prince, the odds are against you but you have to hold strong like a clenched black fist, mighty enough to turn your past into existence from a prince to a king! A young black prince dream!

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wild flowers flowers plant macro 40797 - 20 Brilliant 1984 Quotes that Will Blow Your Mind

20 Brilliant 1984 Quotes that Will Blow Your Mind

Written by English author George Orwell, the novel 1984 is considered one of the most terrifying novels ever written; not because it revolves around scary fictional characters, but because it shows what horrifying actions individuals can take when given too much power. As you’ve probably guessed, the book is set in the year 1984, where the “Party” takes full control over most of the world’s population. Individualism and independent thinking are banned, everyone is manipulated and under constant surveillance — “Big Brother” is watching them. The politics and psychology of 1984 run very deep. The members of the “Party” use brutal force and mind control to make sure individuals are kept in line. Anyone who tries to live by their own rules is labeled a traitor and terribly punished. The dystopian novel 1984 focuses on the darker side of life, forcing the reader to think about the consequences of giving someone too much control over one’s life, making it impossible not to feel anger and helplessness while reading it. However, the picture the book paints can also act as a powerful catalyst for taking action and finding ways to have a positive impact on the world. Here are 20 brilliant […]

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